Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year ~ almost!!

Well, Christmas was wonderful. I enjoyed my grandchildren immensely as well as my son and daughter-in-law. We laughed and told stories...what fun!!! It was truly magical and to add to the festive occasion, we had snow! Hope you all had a blessed and magical holiday too!
I continue with my project with Karen Gartel's class and added images to the background papers that we made. I chose to use Zetti images. I just love them. They add so much whimsy!

I have to add text and borders next so I will keep you posted when they are finished. Enjoy!


Jo Wholohan said...

thanks so much for visiting my blog, a cuttlebug is a scrapbooking thing so check out your local stores or online for those, they are sort of like a plastic folder that makes an embossed pattern, lots of uses :))

you should be able to pick up the crayons in the US easily.... they are susan scheewe brand. hope this helps xx

PCarriker said...

Lovin' these girl! You will need to do some of this in your journal:-) Thank you so much sweetie, for being such a support this past year-you are a gem!

ArtSnark said...

These are so much fun! Can't wait to see the next step :D

cuteartworld said...

Thank you for visiting my blog today! These are so cool.