Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Lovely Blog Award

Funky Siren nominated my blog for this award. How honored I feel. Especially since her blog is so wonderful and inspiring to read. She even offers workshops. A definite must visit.
This award has some strings...but they are fun strings. Post a link to my blog on yours along with this award and then you must nominate others. See!! Fun!!!

Part of this award is to nominate seven other bloggers and their sites. So here it goes:

Artsnark Artifacts - wonderful blog and beautiful ETSY shop

Living Out Loud - So inspiring

Mind Wide Open - offers wonderful competitions

A Fanciful Twist - must see

Isabella Blue - wonderful art work

Paper Cat Designs - amazing paper art

Funky Siren - fabulous

You can visit their sites by clicking on the badges I have within this blog. Each and everyone of them will inspire you and take you to that creative place we all long to reach. I can only hope that mine takes you there as well.


~Izabella said...

halo beautiful!!

I am so appreciative of your gracious award!!!

So sorry I haven't responded sooner, life seems to be taking the crazy road right now ;)

I am loving all of your newest creations, you are always such an inspiration!!!

xo ~Bella

Paper Cat Designs said...

I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful award! I am so flattered that you thought of me. I shall display it with much pride.

Hugs! =D

ArtSnark said...

Thanks so much!! Life's been such a whirlwind lately & you've made me stop & smile :D SueAnn, you always have a kind word & such wonderful art to share. You truly deserve an award (& a big hug)! Thanks so much!


Loudlife said...

Hi SueAnn! I'm finally, slowly, emerging from my sickness/snow cocoon. Thank you so much for the lovely award and for the kind support! I'm working on my blogpost - we've been snowed in, so the DH has been monopolizing the computer while he's been at home (I never realized how often I pop online for just a couple minutes here and there until I couldn't do it) - but I'm not sure if I'll make my goal of getting it posted today.

I'll probably address the award on the next blog post, but I wanted to thank you before they send me to the rest home! I so appreciate that you take the time to stop by and read my blog and comment. It really makes my day each time.

Happy Christmas!

P.S. I can't remember - did I ever tell you how much I liked your Santa lady? The one from a few weeks ago with the leaning-over tree. It's adorable and really made me smile!