Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random Tuesday...Hang on to your hats!!!

And I do mean hang on!!  Batten down the hatches and hold on!!  Winds here have been up to 75 MPH!!!!  Talk about dust!?!  OMG!!  The winds were so strong that they knocked out our power for almost two days!!  What a pain in the ole buttocks!!  And dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wowzers!!  A good old fashioned dust storm ensued for the entire day!!  Yuck!!

It is hard to capture flying dust!!  Ha!!  Anywho!!!  In the midst of all the flying debris; I spotted that my lilies are bursting forth!!  Yay!!

And the mint for my Mojitos!!!!  Hooray!!!

Secretly, I have been wanting a cat!  Shhhhhh!  Don't tell Dr. John!  He is not a fan!  But then, I found out that we have one hanging out around the house!?!  And guess who spotted him????  You got it...Dr. John!!  So I went out and bought some cat food and put out some bowls for him/her!!  Then I forgot to feed for the last couple of days and guess who filled the got it again....Dr. John!! 

Isn't he the sweetest??  Awwwwwwww!!  I just love him to pieces!!  Here kitty, kitty.....

Friday, April 1st I took my friend Cheri to Kaseman Hospital to have her right foot operated on.  Owie!  And she wanted to play a joke on her doctor.  Doctor Haas!!  She said he was quite the character and had a great sense of humor.  So she brought with her a boa and a rubber mouse.  While she was being prepped by the nurse, I tied the boa around her leg and attached the mouse to that.  Then I wrote on it, "April Fools".  Everyone came over to see this....all the nurses and the anesthesiologist as well!!  They cracked up!
Sooooooo...I covered her leg up with the warmed blanket (how nice is that?) and waited.

In came Dr. Haas....the victim!!  Ha!  He strolled over and lifted up the blanket to uncover her foot.  But he didn't lift it all the I did with my camera in hand.  Then he spotted it and just froze...the look on his face was priceless!  Then he laughed and laughed as well as everyone else!!!!!!!  It was great!!  Then he asked her what her favorite number was...she said 8 or 9!  He said he could make sure she would have that many toes during surgery!!!  Ha!!

Unfortunately, he moved up as I snapped the picture so I didn't get to capture his face.....darn it!!!  Sorry Doc!!!  But the event in total was priceless!!  And Cheri is such a good sport to allow me to post this on my blog!  Thank you Cheri and get well soon.

During all this, Cheri's husband Paul (who I talked about last week) is still in the hospital.  They have really been going through it!  Paul is in Rehab now and doing some better.  Please continue your prayers and positive thoughts.  They both need them!!!!!!  Thanks so much!!!  We love you guys!!

So, I have been considering making a change for quite some time.  I thought about it and thought about it.  And I decided to go for it....I went blonde!!!  White blonde!!!  With the help of my friend and cohort...Cheri!  I am now a blonde and I love it!! 

I decided my chocolate walled, raspberry ceiling bedroom needed a makeover!!  So I am going with creamy beige (vanilla delight) walls and swan white ceiling with a new white ceiling fan with light!!

Well the second pic is a little blurry and the walls show yellow.  Noooot!!!  I will take more when the sun comes up.  Forgot to take them yesterday!  Sorry!  But you get the idea.  Dark and sexy to light and sassy!  That is where I am going!  Woot!!!!

Usually here I tell you to go visit Keely at The UnMom for Random Tuesday...but she is taking a hiatus!  Sigh!  So Stacy at Stacy Uncorked is sort of hosting it now and hoping Keely will return.

So I am joining that campaign as well!  Ha!!  We all enjoy the come on back Keely...we miss you.  And thanks Stacy for carrying on the banner!!  I am with you kid!!  Visit them both and say your hello's and join in with your Randomizing!  You just haven't lived until you randomized for sure!!!  Ha!

Did I tell you that my plastic surgery is scheduled for January, 2012??  Just saying!  Woot!!  Woo!!

I randomized until my butt is numb!  Time to go!  I need some coffee!!  Thanks for stopping by and sharing this morning with me.  Thank you Cliff for doing such a wonderful job painting my bedroom.  Can't wait to see it finished!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you


Stacy Uncorked said...

75 MPH winds are CRAZY! But your photos are AMAZING! :)

Yay for lilies and mint sprouting! I noticed a few things are finally starting to sprout around here, too.

Too funny John is a softy and fed the kitty when he's not a cat fan! :)

That April Fool's joke was priceless! Glad your friend is doing well after the surgery, too!

Yay for blonde! :)

Thanks so much for the awesome shout-out and for joining me in my rebel ways! :)

April Fool Snow, Satellite Dog, Cool Dragon - RTT Rebel

VandyJ said...

Mmm, Mojitos.
We have had up to 60 MPH winds for the last few days. Wind sucks, or blows depending on your point of view.
Enjoy being a blonde!

Kim Mailhot said...

Happy Tuesday !
Yummy mint !
Funny Dr. John !
Funny April Fools Joke on the doc !
Congrats on surgery schedule and all the other fun changes happening in your world !
Cheers !

ethelmaepotter! said...

Oh, honey, look again at your April Fool's joke - you misspelled APRIL. Guess that leg didn''t have Spellcheck, huh?!

(Just kidding - the joke was terrific!)

But it does remind me to shave my legs before my own foot surgery. God only knows where my razor is.

Can't wait to see the pictures of the new improvements to the house, and congrats for having the courage to go blonde!

Thanks for writing such a sweet comment on my Elvis portrait! And have a grand random week!

SandyCarlson said...

Keep up those Tuesdays! We need you. These are fun shots, and so needed. Thanks for making me smile.

Velvet Over Steel said...

Wow, we had very high winds here too earlier this week.. for about 30 hours. I thought my roof was going blow off!!

Great pictures again, SueAnne!! Always love them. & that April Fools joke was awesome!

Have a beautiful day!
Coreen XOXO

imbeingheldhostage said...

I actually prefer randomized posts-- it's how my mind works to begin with :-)

Thank you for reminding me what's NOT to like about NM. Dust! Yuck!

Love that Dr.John is a marshmallow heart and is feeding the kitty :-)

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

My head is spinning; vanilla walls and hair. OK, I'm gonna do the same :) Wall, that is. My hair is already "vanilla" with lots of silver. HA!

SandyCarlson said...

I love that April Fool's Day joke. A new big holiday? Seems to be getting bigger.

Sarah Knight said...

Looks excellent!

Julie-ann Bowden said...

Sueann, what a beautiful message you left me, thank you!
You know the reading I had by Rose, She sent a message to me on facebook about your painting. Saying this is similar to what she sees when she see loved ones on the otherside. A gathering of our soul families. How cool is this. You have an heavenly gathering!
Loads of lovex