Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ Blood, Pain and Moving!


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Last week, here, was kind of....well...blah!  I did all that housework stuff...kind of catching up on stuff since I had been sick.  I am feeling much better by the way.  Thanks for all the well wishes!

Also, last week I had to get a  blood test...which included a 12 hour fast!  Yuck!  Me and blood tests...not buds!  My veins are tiny and uncooperative...the fasting went fine.  But the blood test...well, 8 pokes blood!  I didn't even bleed when they took out the needles!  Ha!  So I had to go to a Lab!  Sigh! 

Had to do the 12 hour fast....again!  Off to the Lab!  Went to Quest Diagnostics on Montgomery Blvd. in Albuquerque.  The place was clean and the staff very friendly and professional.

But I am nervous...thinking how many pokes this time?  Oh I have my name called and off I go.  I meet the Lab Tech, her name is Vickie!  Professional and clean...seemingly organized!  We get back to the room and she directs me to THE CHAIR!!  You know the one?  Ha!  I sit down and tell her the bad news.  "I am a hard stick."  She says, "Oh dear!  But no worries...we will do our best!"  So we begin...she searches and searches both arms and after about five minutes decides on a place on my arm that usually is never chosen.  Oh she cleans the area and gets a regular needle.  What?  They always use Butterflies with me!  Always!  So I mention my concern...she says let's try this first.

She approaches the location...I feel my veins begin to dive for cover!  In goes the needle...and blood start rolling into the tube!!!  What?  Seriously?  Blood?  Coming out?  I am in shock!  She has four tubes to fill and it happened in about one minute!!  I leave with my mouth hanging open and giddily say thank you. 

I get a call yesterday that the clinic has the results!!  What?   Usually it takes at least ten days!!  Suffice it to say...I big heart Quest!  Will definitely go back in the future! 

A fabulous sunrise, caught two mornings ago!

Sunday night we received 5 inches of snow!  Whoopee!  How thrilling that they closed I-40 going east bound all the way from Albq., to the Texas border!!!!!!  West bound was travel at your own risk!  And I had a dental appt.!  Great!  John left for work two hours later...he said there was absolutely no snow on the ground in Albq.!!  Figures!  So we, in the East Mountains show up a little late and they wonder what the problem is!  Ha!

Would you believe I-40 is still closed...come to find out...the Texas Hwy. Patrol asked us to close down to keep traffic from traveling within their freeway system.  They really got hammered!

I got to the DDS around my city was dicey in the early A.M.; but when I problem. 

So, I am going to the dentist (actually an oral surgeon) because my gums are extremely tender and my dentist cannot find a reason for the pain.  This has been going on for over six months!! sore....hard to eat...flossing is very painful....brushing is no picnic...and a tooth cleaning by dentist??  Ack!!  Excruciating!!  They have to numb my gums!  So.......

See this new dentist...Dr. Steven Traub!  Nice and friendly and he sets about trying to see a reason for the pain.  Gums...healthy and clean.  Teeth...intact and see no problems there!  Wisdom teeth...gone!  Tongue and mouth...healthy.  Hmmmmm!!  He looks at me, after several minutes of questions and says, "I have no idea!!"  Huh?   Ha!  He says I am in the land of the "obscure".  So after many more questions, we decide on pain relief....he prescribes antidepressent that is good for pain relief!  Okay...I will give it a try.  And he also tells me to get Gly-oxide!  A gel you put on your gums.  Also for pain relief.  Is this an answer?  No!  But I will continue to play along for another four weeks and see what happens. 

I have changed toothpaste, twice, and only gargle with warm salt water.  I now use Arm and Hammer Baking Soda whitener!  Sigh!  This is all getting old, but what is a person to do?  Everyone is trying!  Ha!

Last week was also a time of BIG decisions...Dr. John's Company wants him to set up the office in Las Cruces, New Mexico...sooner rather than later.  Soooooo...we are going to move in the spring or early summer of 2014!  Wow!  One year!!!  I look around my house, with all the stuff!  Yikes!  I have a lot to do! 

We have wanted to move to Cruces but have been waiting for the housing market to get better.  It really hasn't but we will see now.  I hope to have some money to get a new place...Ha!!  Will keep you posted.

That's it for me!  Hope all is well with you?  And make sure you stop by Stacy's and see what's up!

Have a magical, creative and pain-free week!
Hugging you,


Diandra said...

Some scientists suggest that changes in hormone levels might lead to sensitive gums... maybe talk to someone to have that checked?

I usually pick my physicians on the ability of their staff to draw blood well - in our current group practice (five different physicians, three of them I have met so far, two of whom are excellent physicians) I have had my blood drawn by three different people, and all of them were great. Especially the one who had to draw blood on the second day from a poked and swollen vein. Not even a bruise! Even if the doctors sucked, I might go there just for the blood-letting. ^^

(Heck, I usually diagnose myself and only see the doctor for confirmation.)

Brian Miller said...

wow ...the talk of moving is exciting...

ack the dentist is not my fav place to visit....but i hope they find what is wrong...

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like going to a professional for answers and not getting them. That has happened to me!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Oh man I hope they figure out the cause of your tender gums - that can't be fun! Maybe you'll end up a 'case study'! ;)

GORGEOUS sunrise!!

Ooooh! Moving to Cruces how exciting! I'm in the same conundrum of looking around my house and not knowing where to start to purge and pack for our move across country this summer. I probably better get started now or I'll never get it done! :)

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Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

What a roller coaster week. I'm dizzy from just reading! Doll, you need a serious hug. Of course I am no help with any diagnosis, but I have found the ibuprofen is the ONLY thing that helps me with dental pain. If you can take 600-800 mg, give it a try. MOVING! Yikes. One of the most dreaded activities. You are smart (we knew that!) to start now. Double Hugs...Charlotte

Julie Maloney said...

I need to go to the dentist soon, everyone else in my family is getting checkups but I"m such a wimp about it. I do get an IV every four weeks so luckily I don't have any vein problems with needles but I did have a scary nurse that poked me seven times once and I nearly cried!