Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ Glass, Class and Dawn's early Light!


Welcome Tuesday and I will be as Random as I can be!!  Make sure and visit Stacy at Stacy Uncorked!!  Plenty of Randomizing going on over there for sure!!

Finished up the Stained Glass Class!  We soldered and polished and attached a chain and wa la...a hanging stained glass art piece!!  My classmates were so pleased with their finished well they should be...they did a fantastic job...!!!!  Here are some pics!

Pretty, huh?  We had so much fun and Connie is an excellent instructor...patient and so knowledgeable!  Thanks Connie!!

Went to doctor and got a Z-pack to fight an ear, sinus and throat infection!  Sheesh!  I haven't had an earache since I was 8 years old!!!  Hurts like hell!!  Ha! I still have the earache and sore throat.  Guess the antibiotics need a kicker!  Sigh!  I see the doc again on Wed.  Oh boy!  I sure hope this time it works...our trip to Tucson's Bead Show and Jewelry Classes is on Friday!!  Yikes!

Going through my jewelry and metal supplies today to see what items I still need to take with me.  I have quite a list!  Airport security is gonna love my suitcase!  Files, torches, chains and wire...they will search my bag for sure.  My instructor, Riki Schumacher said to put a big note on the top inside of suitcase and explain what these items are for...then I shouldn't have any problems!  Let us hope!

Our plane leave Friday at 10AM!!  Woot!  Woot!!   80 Degrees, here we come!!!!  I am so ready for spring and summer!!  Give me heat....not this cold and damp stuff.  Yuck!  Yeah, I know.  Snow is pretty but you can just send me a pic...I don't need to see it!!!

Today is Dr. John's birthday!!!  Happy Birthday honey!!  May you have many, many more!  Dr. John is my best friend and my love!!  I hope to take him out tonight and have a nice quiet dinner at our local cafe'.  I have already given him his presents and he loved them all!!  

Dr. John is the kindest, most loving and sensitive man that I know.  We spend hours just talking to one another about all manner of things!  He is never boring nor is he ever bored.  He is a genius engineer and a wonderfully talented photographer!  He is a treasure for sure and my life is so much richer with him in  it!  Love you honey!!!

I started getting a B-12 shot every week to bolster my immune system!!  Hope it works!?!  With all the surgeries last year, my immune system is shot...needs all the help I can give it.

The entries to the two different art shows are in and now I sit and wait to hear if I will be in any of them or not.  Sure hope so!  Fingers are crossed for sure.  This kind of kicks off my New Year and propels me into the art community is a whole new way!  I will be doing a Google search for more shows.  If you know of any, please do tell!  I am determined to "Complete" my tasks this year.  Remember, "Complete" is my New Years' Resolution!!  So....onward we go!

I am also finishing up a large collage so that I can get on with my new direction...GRUNGE!!  That's the closest I can come to describe it!  Grungier, bolder, rich in your face paints and textures!  Where fantasy and reality collide!  I am excited to begin!  

It's a new day...a new year...a new beginning!

I am getting jazzed about the upcoming trip to Tucson....Art in the Desert!!  The classes I will be taking are:
          Vamp it Up  ....   Playing with vintage jewelry and the soldering torch.  Sounds exciting and will be taught by Riki Schumacher.

          The Gilded Heart   ....   More play with metals, vintage findings and the torch.  This class will be taught by Diane Cook.

Both of these classes are 9AM to 4PM! One on Saturday and one on Sunday!   Riki I have known online as a blogging buddy for five years.  It will be so nice to finally meet!!  We are both excited!  

Art in the Desert will be held at the Hilton Resort Inn on Broadway St. in Tucson, AZ!!  The Bead Show is also going on during this time and we will be able to visit some shops on Friday, during the day and Monday, all day!  Our plane leave at 7PM on Monday and we have a rental car!  Woot!  Bead shows, here we come!!  I am also going to be shopping for Cheri...that will be fun for sure.  She is giving me some spending cash and a list.  Gives me a real good reason to hit some shops for sure.  And I will take plenty of pics along the way!!

The above button will take you to the Art in the Desert site. It explains the location and the class lists.  It also talks about the upcoming retreats for this year....There is plenty of time to sign up and some fantabulous teachers for sure!!  Come on along!

That is it for me!!  Signed, sealed and Randomized!!  Happy Birthday Dr. John!

Have a creative and imaginative day!
Hugging you



Brian Miller said... will have fun in the dessert with those to hear you talk about the Dr that way as well..its cool how each person chose a diff way to express the sun rays in their stained glass....

Queenie Jeannie said...

The stained glass pieces turned out so great!!! Wow!!

Sounds like you are feeling the same as me. I'm holding off going to the doctor's because it's SUCH a hassle and they usually don't give you anything to help out. I think it's just a bad cold and will have to run it's course. Ugh!

Enjoy your trip! Warm weather sounds divine!!!!

Diandra said...

Happy birthday, Dr. John!

Try vitamin E for your immune system, in large doses. Kept the BF pretty healthy even when I was feverish and coughing and sneezing and oozing funky stuff from all possible orifices. Large doses recommended. ^^

TMW Hickman said...

You sound like you have the same malady as I do. I ended up with steroids.

That is so awesome that you are going to Arizona. It is great to be able to create beautiful things with your own hands!!

Friko said...

Even being under the weather cannot curb your enthusiasm and creativity. I hope you have a brilliant time inAZ.

Happy Birthday to Dr. John and many more of them.

Julie Maloney said...

I'm glad you finished your class, I tracked your progress as you posted about it and I think you did a great job!

SandyCarlson said...

That stained glass you made is very beautiful. You are one talented lady!