Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Tuesday....and the fall winds do blow!!

Welcome again to another fun and fascinating excerpt of  another Random Tuesday!!  Woohoo!!  I know you are so excited to hear my ramblings!  I just bet you are!  Ha!

If you remember?  Dr. John and I were going on a traveling vacation through the many states of the union.  Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and New Orleans (I know, not a state but it should be).  Then we decided to not do the trip this year and stay home...a STACATION!!  And that still holds true.  We are doing that!  And I will take copious photos to share with you our adventures.

But along with Stacation, was my mom visiting in October during the Balloon Fiesta!  We were flying her in and back again.  The only prerequisite that she had was no plane changes.  No problem!  NOT!  I checked every airline known to us and not one of them has a direct flight for the dates we wanted her here. October 4th through October 11th.  NOT ONE!  Great!  So, I am flying there with a lay over in Atlanta.  So see!!  I will be visiting Georgia!!  LOL!!  I have to say mom is ecstatic; 1) because she doesn't have to fly, and 2) she will have me all to herself!!   For one whole week!!  And guess what?  She has no internet!!  What??  So I am working on a way to have internet for one week.  This ought to be interesting!

Mom (Ilene) lives in Lancaster, Ohio.  Population 36,000 approximately!  Located near the Hocking Hills.

Lancaster, Ohio by Tim Kiser 2006

Mt. Pleasant
A famous Lancaster landmark is Mount Pleasant, a 250-foot (76 m) high sandstone bluff called "Standing Stone" by earlier Native American peoples. It is located in Rising Park, a large city park on the city's north side. It is possible to climb to the top of Mount Pleasant by following a short marked trail from the park through the woods that cover the bluff's other sides. There is also a cave known unofficially as "Devils Kitchen" in the front in which braver people are willing to climb about 20 feet (6.1 m) using only shallow "bear claws". Experienced rock climbers have climbed the sandstone face of the bluff many times as well. Once one has reached the top, there is a lookout area from which one can see over great distances, and take in not just a panoramic view of the nearby Fairfield County fairgrounds and much of the city of Lancaster, but the changing landscape of Central Ohio as well—from the relatively flat farmlands north of Lancaster to the wooded hills lying south of the city. (from Wikipedia)

Anchor Hocking Glass

Home of Anchor Hocking Glass.  I am sure you have all heard of this company and might even own some of their pieces.  I can get good deals in Lancaster on glass!  Kind of cool!!  

Lancaster...well, Ohio in general, is known for it's sports.  Especially football!!!  I mean, who hasn't heard of the Ohio State Buckeyes, The Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengels??

Akron Beacon Journal

So anyway, I will be flying on October 6th and returning October 12th.  My hopes to have internet are maybe pie in the sky.  But I refuse to say die yet.  I mean, how can I keep in touch with you.  I will have serious withdrawal for sure.  I will let you know!  A trip to Verizon is in my near future.

Speaking of internet!  I was down for one whole day and I just about died!!!!!  Comcast showed up early the following day of my internet death and fixed the problem.  A connection wire on the pole was fried, due to weathering.  So they replaced that and I was up and running in no time.  What a relief!  Did you notice I had disappeared for a day? 

I took down my 4th of July/Labor Day decorations.  So now my tree is naked again.  Next of my favorites.  Halloween!!!  I am busy getting out all my decorations and will take some pics once it is done.  I got a couple of new things for this year and I am excited.  One is a 6 ft. ghoul!!!  Scary, huh?

My pumpkin patch is doing so well!  Well the leaves and flowers are amazing.  And I have one...yep you heard glorious pumpkin!!  He is so beautiful and growing at an amazing rate.  I may have just discovered the Pumpkin King!  Exciting, yes?

Pumpkin King

Isn't he gorgeous!!??  All shiny and bright and still very green!  Dr. John took some fabulous photos of, what I call, Pumpkin World and I will be sharing them on Silent Saturday.  Wait till you see...gorgeous!  And I am sure I spotted fairies in there!  Some of the leaves are 14 inches in diameter!!  Huge I say...HUGE!!

Now we have some possible sad news.  My dryer began to act up.  It kept making a lot of there was a bag of gravel inside of the drum.  I thought maybe a coin or something like that.  But then it started grabbing onto my clothes and there would be stuck between the drum and the doorway!  And would get a huge black mark where they were hooked!  So then we noticed a black gasket was falling down between the drum and the doorway.  I called the repair man because now the noise was louder and black marks were appearing (and ruining) more items of clothing!!  Not good!

I have a Maytag like this...

Boring but efficient.  I heart this one....

Isn't she gorgeous.  So if the dryer dies...which I am so sad about (NOT)!!  Then I might become the proud owner of the above!  Woohoo!!  Doing the happy dance here!  My dryer was purchased in 2002 and even the service department said I should come and look.  What ever happened to appliances lasting for 20 years???  And it is a Maytag for heaven's sake!! 

The service guy showed up yesterday...on time I might add...go Baillos!!!  He took one look at the gasket hanging down and said, "I need to order this!  I don't have it on my truck or in my inventory at the store."  Then he said, "It will take 5 to 10 days!  I said, " WHAT???"   He said, " 5 to 10 days!  I have to order it!"  I said...(oh yes I did)..."SHIT!!"  That means no dryer for 10 days??  You have got to be kidding me.  Oh how I was tempted to tell Dr. John that our dryer was truly dead and go and get the red babies.  Who call to me and my heart!!  But I didn't do it and told the service man to order the part.  He was hear all of 5 minutes!  Cost me $140.00!!  Of course, when he comes out again...they will not charge me travel and a service call again.  Big deal!!  I still have to pay for the part and the labor to install the part.  And we still don't know if that will fix the problem!!??  He didn't take it apart.  Soooooo...the saga continues and I may or may not get a new dryer (and washer of course).  (They have to match don't ya know!)  Ha!  Sorry Dr. John!

So these are my stories and I am sticking to them.  Anyone in Atlanta??  We could do lunch, an early lunch at the airport?  Let me know!  That would be so cool!

Make sure and drop over to The Un Mom and visit with Keely!  You will find more fabulous Randomness there!  And tell her I said hi!!  She is sharing about some strange you have to hear this!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you



Rayna M. Iyer said...

That is a monster pumpkin indeed. And I love the colours of the trees on Mount Pleasant- what a lovely name for a hill.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Looks and sounds like you'll have a wonderful time visiting your mom - aside from the possibility of being offline for a week. My parents (in Seattle) have dial-up, so when I had to be there for a month recently, I was in MAJOR withdrawals! :)

Next year I want to grow pumpkins - I'll be turning to you for advice!

Sorry about your dryer - our washer died a few months ago (we bought it in 2002, too!) so we had to replace it with one similar to the one you want - sadly our dryer is still going strong, so they're not a matched set!

RTT: Sinuses, Snaggle Tooth Update, New Kitty and Broken Wii

Suldog said...

Where to start?

Lancaster looks idyllic. And Mount Pleasant looks... pleasant. Really. It looks like a wonderful place to spend a peaceful day.

I never knew where Anchor Hocking came from. Thank you.

Football? Check.

Finally, we have that EXACT Maytag washer, and we just bought it a couple of months ago. We were extremely proud of our new washer, until you just dissed it. Now we feel inferior and all hillbillyish.

Well, not really. But we DO have that exact washer. So, you and I are washing machine cousins (or something like that.) We'll be over for Thanksgiving. What time is dinner?

Suldog said...

Wait a minute. That's a dryer. That's what we have. A dryer. We have the matching washer, too.

What time did you say dinner was?

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

SueAnn those pictures of Mt. Pleasant are spectacular! That would be a beautiful wall hanging done in your awesome fabric art! My dryer is almost in the same shape as yours...too many rag quilts! (smiling)How wonderful that your mom is going to visit...and I absolutely LOVE Anchor Hocking, I have several red glass pieces. Have a Terrific Tuesday friend, be sure and show us what you are working on!!! I love it.
Hugs Sharon

kimert said...

Sounds like you have a fun trip planned! I use to be in ATL, I'm close but since this is my first time visiting your blog I doubt you'd wanna meet so soon. LOL Have a great week!!

Bossy Betty said...

Thanks for the update! Your trip sounds like a lot of fun and I love the picture of the town. Makes me want to visit!

Brian Miller said...

nice. sounds like a fun trip..i do think i would have withdrawls as well...smiles. nice pumpkin! looking forward to pics of the halloween decor!

Kristina P. said...

I basically have a panic attack when I have no Internet. But that little town looks delightful. Like something out of a movie.

Kim Mailhot said...

Your trip to Ohio should be lovely - Fall is so gorgeous for traveling. You know, with all the orange, yellow and red leaves. Red like the new dryer you will probably be getting ! ;) How come we pay so much more for the fancy appliances of today but they last such a short while ? Progress, my red washing machine (mine are brand new too - white though but quiet and lovely Samsungs) !
I hope the rest of your week sees things fall into place just as you want them too.
Happy Tuesday, Lovely Sue Ann !

Riki Schumacher said...

Have a wonderful time in Ohio, should be fun. Get lots of pics. Beautiful houses, all look so old. Good luck with your pumpkin and your dryer!! Ha ha. Get the red one, she is beautiful. Hugs, Riki

jpshaw said...

I love that dryer! It's gorgeous and I would own it even if it didn't do laundry lol.

I also love your great pumpkin! He is a beaut... you will have to keep posting pics as he grows.

Vixen/Apron Frenzy said...

I am very jealous of your pumpkin. I didn't get any planted this year (sad). I don't know how I would survive without internet for an entire week! I love those red babies. But their chances of ever coming to live with me are very, very slim.

Julie from Momspective said...

My ideal staycation would be for me to stay at home and the rest of them go on a vacation. That would be lovely.

SandyCarlson said...

Your pumpkin is impressive, to say the very least. I hope your trip home is wonderful. God bless, my friend.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Thanks for the tour and the pictures. What a pretty pumpkin!

And I agree with you. New Orleans should be a state - I love that city.

Mimi said...

Oh I want one of those big beautiful dryers myself. Sooo pretty!

Hugs & love,

Cinner said...

I am glad yu are getting a chance to spend some time with your Mom, when I visit mine, I have no internet either, she keeps me so busy there would be no time for it. have a great week. loved the photos. hugs.

Sarah Knight said...

Best of luck with the gardening!

Living in Michigan — I am quite familiar w/ Ohio... surely you will survive without the internet ;) Although, no doubt the first 2 days will involve some withdrawals, unless, of course, you have one of those fancy new fandangled smart phones what with it's fancy pants internet :) (no one has to know)

Have fun in Georgia, and have fun in Ohio, and bring an extra set of camera batteries
: )

Diane said...

I feel your pain about the Internet... but I've found that after the first full day or so, you hardly miss it. 'Til the 4th day or so. But then you're OK again. Really. The twitching won't even last forever. I swear ;)

And PS: I'm (secretly) hoping your dryer dies ;)

beth said...

same thing happened with my dryer last year and i actually loved going to the laundry mat to dry my clothes....

and some old blankets and rugs that needed washed...well i took those with me and finally got them all cleaned up, too :)

Denise said...

I don't know which is worse. The dryer or the thought of having no internet. I DO love that pumpkin of yours though. I would be a proud mama for sure!

Clowncar said...

we have the washer that matched that drier. it's even red! we joke that it looks like a rocket ship.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I have pumpkin envy! Yours looks like a real beauty.

My nephew went to college in Hocking! Small world.

So sorry about your dryer. 5-10 days is a LONG time to have to order a part. Sheesh.

Cheers, jj

MB Shaw said...

I am so behind on blogs, but I *love* your random Tuesday. Fun!!! I am from Cincinnati and my parent still live there. I remember Hocking Hills well, beautiful country.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Love Anchor!!! ;) LOL ;)

Christina said...

i love that ohio photo!
and the red dryer. dreaming, dreaming over here. : )

IT IS ALLY said...

I really, REALLY want to go to the Balloon Fiesta.

She Writes said...

mmmm Love the red appliance things :)! Yum!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm sure that your drier experience would help you appreciate my recent computer issues. I went to Best Buy to see how much it would cost to fix my old computer, and I swear that it was almost as much as getting a new one! Plus in order to fix it, they have to keep it for 4 weeks! Okay, so I need to go and stare at your sexy drier (if you get it) again, just so I can calm down!

Indrani said...

The red dryer is really tempting. Mine will run well for another few years for sure, :(