Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Randomizing ~

Well I am back in the saddle again.  Whew!  Thought I would never feel like myself again.  Though I am still recovering, I feel somewhat human now.  Ha!!

And now for the rest of the story....I had surgery on the 21st. of June and everything went well.  But I was in a lot of pain...lots of stitches!  Then one week later, the abscess of sorts formed behind some of the stitches and it let loose!!!  Yuck!  Been draining ever since.  Have large area that will take lots of time to heal!  Sigh!!  The good infection!  Just need to be patient.  Hmmmm...not one of my strong suits!!  Thanks for all you well wishes and positive thoughts and prayers. 

Good news!  We have finally received some rain!!  Woot!!  Woot!!  Over two inches last Friday and more last night!  My little garden is doing well!  So happy now!!

And peeking it's little head up in the side garden is the one and only pumpkin plant!!!!  Woot!!  Pumpkin world begins anew!!

See...happy plants!!  Happy mommy and daddy too!!  Thank God for precious rain.

Gah!!  They show the animal abuse commercials early in the morning..,,tear your heart out!!  So sad...,.wish I could take them all, 

I started a new painting,,,another smaller one for a show in September.  At the Buffalo Thunder Spa and Resort!  So cool!!  I will show pics Thursday. 

I have not forgotten the giveaway for my birthday party.  Which kind of got postponed!  Sigh!!  But I am still going to do it,....end of this month!  Around my 38th anniversary!!!  Woot!!  Woot!!

Don't forget to stop by Stacy's at Stacy Uncorked and see what the other Randomizers are up too!!  I know she has been randoming away even while she was on vacation!  Woot!!  So get on over there and better yet,  join in yourself!!!

Have a fabulous, magical and blessed day!
Hugging you


Brian Miller said...

ugh, i am so sorry on the absess...ugh...i am glad you are mending now that sun catcher in your garden...and 38 years....very nice...

Diandra said...

Glad you're back and feeling better! You know you cannot go anywhere before I have got one of your pieces of art to put up on the wall. ^^

Anonymous said...

I was JUST thinking of your blog the other day! Glad you're back and doing well.

She Writes Here Now said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about the abscess. BUT no infection is good. Hopefully pain is better by now. Pain is a funny word. It sounds benign but is a trip to hell when it's bad :(.

Your garden makes me smile. Nothing there would like all the rain here. My tomato is 6 inches tall and probably 2 months old. Sun came late this year. Glad for your rain!

ellen abbott said...

so glad you are feeling better. I wondered where you were.

Maggie May said...

Glad you are now on the road to recovery and its good to be seeing your work again.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Glad you are doing better - and received rain. We have been getting it, too, the last three days. Writing as I speak. After last year's drought, most fun.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Yay for rain, new paintings and pumpkins ;-)

Suldog said...

So glad to hear that the surgery went well, but sad to hear of the abscess. Rest easy, keep it clean, take any and all pain meds offered!

Hilary said...

Sorry about the abscess but I'm glad that you're on the mend. I hope you heal quickly from here on in.