Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ Partying and Movies...woot! woot!!


A few days before New Year's...Butch and Cheri and Dr. John and myself celebrated Christmas and exchanged gifts! And the martini's were flowing for Cheri and myself and we were a great amusement to Butch and Dr. John! Ha! In fact that night is a little fuzzy! We did haver a blast though and I got some wonderful pressies. Butch got me a 1/5th of Absolute Vodka! Woot! Woot!! Thanks Butch! Cheri gave Dr. John and I massages with Gina. I can't wait! She is terrific! Thanks hun!

On New Years' eve...we were joined by Mike and Kathy! We went to the Ranchers' Club in Albuquerque and it was so posh and luxurious!! We were totally spoiled by the staff and the food was amazing! Salmon for me and Prime Rib for Dr. John. Yum! Here are some pics...

On Super Bowl Sunday...Butch and Cheri came over for chili and libations!  Ha!  Yep..martini's again!  But we were a little more cautious.  Oh and homemade cornbread!  We had a great time and Dr. John made us a wonderful fire!  Ahhhh!   Bliss!!

 We did see the movie, Jack Reacher and enjoyed ourselves very much.  Tom Cruise will never be Reacher; but he did a pretty good job of acting the part!  Lots of action in this one!  Out of five stars, I would give it a three and one half!  Worth the popcorn!

This past weekend, we met Cheri, her mom, Louise and her granddaughter for lunch at B J's...for boneless ribs and dark beer!!  Can you say YUM!! 

Then we went to Century Rio and saw the movie, The Life of Pi!  Wow!  What a movie this is!  Beautifully filmed and we enjoyed the 3D effects...they weren't nauseating!!  If you wondered about going to this film...wonder no more and go!!  It has a wonderful will love it!  Louise had never been to a 3D movie and she was totally enchanted and remember..she is 99 years young!!

Dr. John has been on vacation for the last two weeks...his first day back was yesterday!  He was sad...he had a great time being off the hustle bustle!!  Anyway, I have been on a vacation as well.,.hence my lack of posts!  So now to get back into the swing of things...sigh!!

I have decided to go in a new direction with my art....still large but more grungy...not so pretty!  Ha!  So I have plenty to do.  First, get the studio cleared out of old work and get it set up for new ideas and new canvasses!  I am excited!

For Christmas I got John a Holga like camera (Diana) and myself one too.  This coming weekend we are going to play!  These cameras are known for their uniqueness in image quality and effects.  So we are looking forward to experimenting!  For those of you who don't know of these cameras...they are the toy cameras of old..plastic even!!  Ha!!  Fun to use!  And very inexpensive..they use 120 film.

I am also changing how I present my longer will I do art/craft shows.  I just don't belong there and my sales have not been encouraging.  So I will now focus on juried art shows and when I get some work under my belt, I will be approaching galleries in Santa Fe!  I will continue to show my work on ETSY for now and will soon be making up some portfolio brochures!  Exciting times for sure!

My word for the year is COMPLETE!  Complete the tasks I started last year!  Complete the large painting I have on my easel...and move it out!  Work on licensing and marketing...and this makes me a bit nervous.  I am not a fan of promoting in such a bold way...but if I don't do it...who will?

I am entering a juried photographic show this will be held in April and it is for women photographers who live in New Mexico!  Right up my alley.  In this show, no holds barred.  As long as it can hang...they will look at it.  Alterations encouraged!  I love it!

I have taken down all the Christmas decor and started on Valentines'.  Need to hit the Dollar Store for some cool decorations.  I would go to Hobby Lobby but their Valentine's stuff isn't on sale yet!  Soooo...Dollar Store here I come.

Well, make sure you stop by Stacy's at Stacy Uncorked and see what other Random things are going on.  You just never know what will be shared and by whom!  Ha!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you


Brian Miller said...

complete is a good word...and i am glad you made resolutions, like the craft shows...i am sure the disappointment is not worth it and i wish you the best....i cant wait to see life of pi...and cruise was an interesting pick for reacher...have enjoyed those novels....

Bossy Betty said...

I love your word of the year! That's great!

ellen abbott said...

good for you! juried shows and exhibitions are a good start. if you don't promote yourself, no one else will.

sounds like you had a great holiday with lots of fun and good food and good friends.

lots of good.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I like all the smiling is sad to have to get back in the hustle bustle but?? somebody has got to do it

Julie Maloney said...

I stayed away from blogging for the past week but mine was those dreaded illnesses that are going around. Feels good to finally be at the computer again. Good luck with everything, you sound super motivated!

Hilary said...

A wonderful word choice and a very lovely photo of you and your friend. I'm late to catch up on my blog reading. Happy New Year to you, SueAnn!

SandyCarlson said...

Your recommendation has me wanting to see that movie!