Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ A Tree, A Sunrise and a Photo or Two!


      Well I finally got my tree done! Whew! Had to wait for some cupids!!

Aren't they the cutest?

Two weeks ago, I started a stained glass class.  But I had forgotten to take any pictures.  So here are some class photos....showing the project we are working on and a couple of the students.

Diagram of my piece

showing glass

Julies' piece

Peg's piece

Instructor, Connie

Cheri and her IPad

Julie's piece

Peg's piece

The pieces of paper with the directional arrows on which way you want the grain of the glass to go.  We still have the edges of the piece to cut out, but the interior design is done.  This week we copper foil the edges of the cut and polished glass.  The copper foil is what attract the solder when we get to that stage.  Anyway, tons of fun!

Went shopping and out to lunch on Friday...we went to Hobby Lobby ( lots of Valentines deco), Pier One had some Christmas stuff and lots of clearance items.  Went to MaMa's Minerals to get some of the supplies I am going to need for my classes in Tucson.  That is coming up....February 8th!!  The classes will be held during the Tucson Bead Show...largest bead show in the country!  Drool!!  And you know, I just might have to do some shopping in between classes!  Ha!!  Ya think? 

I am entering a Photography Juried Show for Women in Albuquerque.  The show will take place in April and the entrants deadline is January 31st!  I picked out three photos that I have altered and such and found a really cool place to print my images larger!  Much larger!  I picked up the finished pieces on Saturday!  They are fabulous.  Bob did a wonderful job at The Artistic Image! 

One of my images I have put onto a canvas..I glued it!  And guess puckered!!!  OMG!!  I was totally besides myself...but I then said...Never can fix it!  So I cut out the puckers with my Xacto knife and now I have strong geometric shapes where the puckers took over.  I am attaching beads to that space!  It turned out so cool!  Nothing like a happy accident.  I will show you picks when I am done.  Woot!!

"Our Location in Nob Hill                                      THE ARTISTIC IMAGE

Picture The Artistic Image has six separate services which are all different, but each is related directly to professional photography.

We are a Digital Imaging Service Bureau.  We will edit your images with your direction, or even apply special effects to your image files should you want them.  We print your images on the latest state of the art digital printers which are designed to deliver outstanding quality.  Most photo labs simply print the files you give them.  The Artistic Image looks at each file and if it will not yield a great print, we will discuss with you, what might be done with it to make a better print.

We will also Frame Your Images as they should be done, with quality being our primary goal.   When we mat and frame a print, they are supposed to enhance or complement your image and not detract from it.  The focus of attention should be on your image.  This will always be our main priority when working on your images."

Cool place and I will definitely be back there soon!  Nice to find a place that can work with you artistically!

Well, that's it from me!  Click on the Random Icon up top and it will take you to Stacy's at Stacy Uncorked!  Lots of Randomness going on there, for sure!!  Stop by!

Have a magical and blessed day!
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Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow!! That stained glass project looks amazing! Fabby job!!!!

Shopping? There's ALWAYS time for shopping!!!!

Brian Miller said...

pretty cool...hope your pic does well and the show...and how cool on the stain glass class as well..i love stained will have to show us the finished project....your instructor def looks like she has some energy...smiles.

Diandra said...

You are so incredibly talented. No matter what you do. Wow.

Stacy Uncorked said...

You are always up to something fun, aren't you? LOVE the stained glass class project! Good luck with your photos - I hope you win! :)

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Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

What fun to play with new materials. I just took an intro to jewelry making class and it opened a whole new set of materials for me. I forsee a stained glass piece on your mantle, and wee ornaments on your seasonal trees.

Julie Maloney said...

I'm looking forward to my kids getting older so I can enjoy the finer things in life like taking classes like that. Beautiful work!

SandyCarlson said...

What a beautiful range of colors, textures, and materials. You amaze me.