Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I can feel it!!

It is beginning to look {I hate to say this out loud} like Christmas! I have been decorating already and having a blast! I know. I am pathetic!! LOL! But I love this holiday! Just like is a time to make create spaces that emote magic and dreams!!!!!Ahh! The wonder in a child's eyes! Makes all the work worth while. This is Joy and she is one of my reborn baby dolls. Isn't she the cutiest!! She loves taking the decorations off the tree. Little bugger!This is one of my paintings...."Catch a Falling Star"! And of course if you catch the star; you should put it into your pocket.

As you can see I used handmade paper; buttons; stars cut out of vintage book and a vintage map. Just to name of few of the components of this painting! I love the feel of this piece. Hope you enjoy it.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I will be spending the holiday with my son and his wife and my five grandchildren. I am so looking forward to it. They live in Gallup, NM which is about a three hour drive....west of us! Got a book on we are ready to go.
I purchased a 26 lb. turkey, two large pumpkin pies; whipped cream, of course, and sushi!! We all love sushi so I thought that would be a great appetizer!
Here is a pic of my son, Lee Sr. His wife, Ginger {in the middle} and my oldest granddaughter, Lisa. She is attending New Mexico State University in Las Cruses, NM.

Hope you all have a wonderful time with family and friends. May it be magical and the best day ever!!
Hugging you all