Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Softly emmerging!

Sunrise...sunset! Sunrise!! The sun was gently rising and from my window it was so soft and comforting. And I needed that at 5AM!! Out came the camera and the rest is history. I am also playing with my html and see if I can manipulate the pics on here! So here we go!
Hey!!! It worked!! I am woman!!!!! Hear me roar!!! LOL!! Take that blogger....I have a new weapon. On to bigger and better things now.
Enjoy this softness and how it surrounds you with it's comfort! This is my backyard by the way. It is truly a desert landscape around my home. Here is a pic of one of my "weeds". Isn't it beautiful!?Well enough playing around here. I just wanted to share and do that photo experiment. Now I feel I can tackle the day!! I learned this from Ruby Lane Photography. She has a photo blog as well as a regular blog!
Smart lady....thanks so much!!
Hugs to all and have a magical and special day!