Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's official!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and copious quantities of food have been consumed! For those who don't know; this holiday is totally about food! How it looks; how it tastes; how it smells; how long it took to prepare; how many mouths it fed; how big the turkey was/is; etc, etc, etc.
So I thought I would give you the down and dirty version.
Turkey still in roasting pan....
Table set up in construction zone!!.....On the left, is my granddaughter Georgia who is 14! Center is my son, Lee Sr.; and right is my granddaughter, Lisa who is home from college!!
The turkey weighed in at 26.9 ozs. The meal fed 10 people, with enough left over for 10 more!! We had sweet potato casserole with marshmallows. Stuffing and mashed potatoes. A pickle plate and whole cranberry sauce! Turkey (of course) and pasta salad with balsamic dressing. A red wine that was $14.00 for 64 ozs. {giggling here} And fresh hot rolls!
And the table was set by my 11 year old grandson who is 11. Here he is in his tree house/fort!
Here I am with my granddaughter Lisa (on the right), sharing college stories and waiting for dinner.As for china and glassware; we used paper plates with a Christmas motif and paper cups! We did use regular silverware though. So dishes where not circumvented entirely. Sigh!
So that was my Thanksgiving day menu with guests included. I would like to add that my daughter-in-law, and three of my granddaughters were sick and did their best to be part of the festivities. Ginger {DIL} braved the kitchen and put together a wonderful feast. She was assisted by everyone and we were thrilled with the outcome. The day before, there was talk of McDonald's!
I was just thrilled to be able to spend two days with my wonderful family. Then, to add spice to the day, I told all the grand kids I wanted their Christmas wish lists and mad writing and dream-shopping commenced!
Black Friday came and went and I attended no malls or shopping centers. No! I shopped on line and had a ball. Got some good deals too! Now most of my Christmas shopping is done. I only have one more granddaughter to buy for!! WooHoo! Don't you just love a good deal? I sure do!
Hope your feasts were fabulous?
Have a magical and dreamy weekend!
Hugging you all,