Monday, November 16, 2009


The show was successful in so many ways. Tons of people stopped by my booth and took cards and brochures before they left.
Many questions were asked and answered. My granddaughters looked beautiful and answered questions like pros! My Daughter-in-law is lovely and looked incredible! Her help was invaluable!
My grandson, son and husband helped with carting all the dolls and such in and out. Couldn't have done it without them. Everyone helped me set up the booth!! It looked incredible!
Oh! I sold one doll!! That made everyone's day. And the new "mommie" was ecstatic about her newest little one. Hopefully, she will want more.
The doll show was fabulous! So many dolls; so little time!
All in all a good day and now I am blissfully tired!
I took many more pics; but I didn't want to over load you with all the images. LOL! So I am just sharing these few.
Thanks for going to the show with me today! Hope you enjoyed your visit?
Have a magical and wonderful day
Hugging you