Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Tuesday....welcome Indian Summer!!


Time again to regal you with my randomness!  Ha!  And it has been an Indian Summer here.  In the early mornings it has been 40's and during the day 90's!!!  How about that for a temperature range??  Sheesh!!  But it has been beautiful.  And since my dryer (Grrrrrrrrr) is still not fixed; great for drying clothes outside.  I actually put up a clothes line and it has been really great!!  Nice hot, windy days dries the clothes in about one hour.  Very cool!  Better than my old dryer was doing!??!!  Shhhh!  Don't tell Dr. John.  He will have been hanging clothes out there in the winter and chiseling them when I bring them inside.  And I still want the red ones!!  Sigh!!

Isn't she beautiful!!!  Lust!!  Lust!!! Lust!!!

I must apologize to all my bloggy friends!  I had a sucky migraine yesterday and never get around to your blogs.  I am so sorry!  Usually I love reading your blogs...but I just couldn't do it.  I hope to catch up today but you all are pretty prolific and I will do my best!!  Ha!

Dr. John at the Fair!

Isn't he the cutest!?   We went to the New Mexico State Fair and we had a great time.  I will share some Fair photos later in the week but after walking in 90 degree heat all afternoon, here is what it felt like!!!

Plastic and feet!  That is what it felt like!  Ha!  91 degrees!!!  Hot!  Hot!  Hot!!  But the food was great and we thoroughly enjoyed the sights and sounds.  But I do believe that is what gave me my migraine.  Oh well!  It was fun!!

Dryer still looks like this!!!

Nothing has changed.  The repair man is coming Wednesday morning and saying with all confidence that he WILL fix this dryer!!  Do I hope he does??   NOT!!!!  LOL!!

Still taking my early ( 6AM ) morning walks almost every day. And the sunrises are still amazing!!

And they early morning light makes the flowers glow!

It is beautiful and I highly recommend it!  It has been cold though!  So I wear flannel jacket, gloves and ear muffs!  Works out great!!  My friend, Cheri, on the other hand, still wears her shorts!!  LOL!  She refuses to let go of the hot summer!!  Once her knees freeze up, she will wear warmer clothes!

I have a new place that I love to go eat at!  It is called Twisters.  Now it has been around for some time but I never wanted to try it out.  I mean with that name...TWISTERS??  Really?  But Dr. John said they had great Breakfast Burritos and he loved going there.  So I finally gave in and we went.  I noticed on the menu they had Chimichangas and I was intrigued.  See, that is my all time fav!!  So I decided to try it.  Oh my!  It was fabulous!!  Shredded moist beef and tender too!  Rolled in a lightly crispy tortilla.  Covered with cheese and green chili.  Yum!!  And of course, a blob of sour cream.  Ahhhhh!  To Die For!!!

And you can't beat the prices!  So when you all come to visit.  I will take you here and you can sample some real New Mexican traditional food.  And you will love it!!!  So hurry up and pack your bags.  I am ready to go!!

Now don't forget and stop by The Un Mom and see all the other craziness (Randomness).  You never know what you will see!!!!!   I think Keely is fighting Zombies again!  If we ever have an attack, she is ready to do battle!  Me...I will hide and let her do the dirty work!

Hope to get around and see you all today!!??  But it won't be until the afternoon.  See, it is girls' day out and I have to get my manicure and pedicure.  Oh!  And don't forget lunch!!  Soooo...busy day planned already!

Have a magical and blessed day!

Hugging you


Sarah Knight said...

Water, get yourself some water, woman! Especially for a migraine after a day in the sun!

Fairs are always a blast, and then when you get home you have the Fair Hangover — I've experienced this many times — we have fall festival coming up in like 2 weeks — I anticipate a warm day and aching feet afterwords (in spite of my comfortable / sensible shoes).

Anyway, the fair looks like fun, I'll just imagine you had an elephant ear for me.

Pretty photos : )
And I like the red dryer too! Ours is harvest gold; yeah, it's retro — literally. It's from the seventies. It came with the house

Brian Miller said...

wow those sunrise pics are amazing the second one...and the second one of the flowers as how the light clings to them...sorry about the migraine...hope you feel better today...the fair looks fun...and wishing you a red one, they are cool.

Lori said...

Oh goodness I cannot imagine having temp differences during one day like that..we have been in the 40's and warming into 50's & 60's...but I like that being hormonal and all. :) Do you have a lot of humidity where you live? The reason I ask is the woman I care for has talked about NM and her desire to visit to check out the climate as she has been told that might be a good place for her to live with her arthritis.

I hope your migraine feels much better so that you can enjoy the time of pampering yourself and of course lunch with the girls.

Love the sunset pictures...good for you in keeping up with the walking! Have a terrific Tuesday!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Sorry about the migraine - but at least you had fun at the fair! Hope you're feeling better today for your girl's day out!

That Twisters place looks like it would be yummy! I'll be packing my bags... ;)

RTT: Summer's End, Winemaking and Barf

Christina said...

that is the most beautiful morning light!

Celia said...

Love the fairs this time of year. What a temperature range you have there. It's about 55 here this morning good fast walking weather, great early morning pictures.

Judy said...

I require take you deliver??? Sounds delicious...

Bossy Betty said...

Morning walks are awesome! So are fairs.

I have a clothesline and love it, but having that dryer up and working will be nice too....

Kristina P. said...

I'm pretty sure I'm getting a burrito for lunch now. And we went to our State fair, over the weekend, too. So fun!

Nick Thomas said...

I remember having really bad migraines as a kid - my arm would even go numb. And oh the pain. But they just went away, and never returned. Weird. So, yeah, they really stink.

Land of shimp said...

Gah! Oh SueAnne, those are wonderful pictures, and a fun post overall (and yes, he is cute!) but you accidentally almost convinced me that I'd had some tragic cerebral event!!

As I was looking through the pictures it was a case of "Wait, I've seen that dryer before and...wait, I've seen that other picture of the dryer and....WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN??? I don't remember any of the rest of this. I've had a stroke! I have a closed head injury! I need to get my affairs in order!"

Then I checked the date on the post.

I'm dumb.

Indrani said...

Hope you are keeping fine now.
Love the shots of the dramatic skies.

Mimi said...

Yum, that chimichanga has my brain wanting one!

We've been in the 70's here lately, but today it's going to be 90, blech!

Hugs & love,

Hilary said...

Oh wonderful shots.. your so right about early morning sun (and late day sunshine too) giving great colour to everything. Sorry about the migraine. I hope you get your red dryer! :)

Psst, Shimp... do you smell burnt toast? :)

Olive said...

Hope you're feeling better :) And hope you're dryer is too.. Lust, lust, lust is the word! I am, appropriately, eating tortillas as I write this but now my mouth is watering for that entire menu.

Debbie(single;complicated) said...

I love your random tuesday,,:) still rooting for that red dryer!!!:)

Denise said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine. You certainly have nothing to apologize for. You're always a very loyal blogger friend! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get that pretty red washer and dryer!

Cinner said...

Good for you for getting up and walking, I have not done much since I pinched the nerve in my back, but am feeling better, sorry about your migraine, the fair looks like it would have been fun, take care, you made me hungry,,,but I am fighting it. lol. be well.

steviewren said...

That menu is making me salivate...I love Mexican food. The sauces, the cheese, the sour cream....yum. Now you've ruined me for my Cheerio breakfast!

Tammie Lee said...

I love it when there are cold nights mixed with hot days, not so liking it when both are hot. Wind dried cloths smell so lovely.
Thank you for your visit to my blog~

*jean* said...

hi sue ann - gorgeous photos! i just read about a new migraine med on dr. christiane northrup's facebook page if you are interested...

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey SueAnn-- Always a pleasure to see your gorgeous sunsets.

Hope your migraine is better and the heat has let-up.

Cheers, jj