Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in Gallup, New Mexico~2009

What a wonderful celebration I have had with my family. We had a blast!
Before Christmas, Lisa (my eldest granddaughter), Georgia (my youngest granddaughter) and Lee, Jr. (my only grandson) all stayed with us until Christmas eve. We went to the movie and saw Alvin and the Chipmonks; the Squealqual! LOL! It was a fun movie and Lee Jr. thoroughly enjoyed it. The rest of us wanted to see Avatar; but Lee Jr. didn't want Alvin it was! Youngest rules and we felt Avatar would be too intense for Lee! Then we went to Fuddruckers for hamburgers.
Got home and I finished wrapping a few last minute gifts and we all went to bed early.
Christmas eve morn we loaded the SUV up with suitcases and presents and we were packed in like sardines!!! (And the sleigh was packed with care) And off we went to Gallup, New Mexico! It was a three hour trip and we made it in record time. Soon we were at my son's house and mom was so glad to see the kids. She had a tree to finish decorating and some cookies to make. So we all set to work! We unloaded the car and that took all hands and we proceeded to fill the area around the tree. What fun!! Now the kids were really excited!!
We had pizza for dinner and John and I headed to the hotel for a good nights sleep. They wanted us back at 7AM!!!
We arrived Christmas Morn and all the stockings had already been opened and they showed us their goodies! Then after we got our coffee, the present distribution began. I did a Smilebox to give you a glimpse of Christmas day!
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Hope you enjoy it! We did!
Later on we went to another movie and saw Sherlock Holmes. Boy did they capture the essence of the period. The pacing was a bit slow at times but overall an enjoyable movie.
We arrived home to finish the holiday dinner preparations. Some played Yahtzee and some watched another movie ( Push ).
For dinner we had roast turkey and baked honey glazed ham. Mashed potatoes with garlic, dressing, sweet potato casserole, veggie plate, fruit plate, deviled eggs ( a must), and a pasta salad. Yummy!!! Also offered was wine, pop, margaritas and mojitos. Another yum!
Since surgery, I can't eat very much (which is a good thing) but my few bites were really really good. LOL!!
After dinner we sat and talked and laughed and told stories of times past. All and all, it was a fabulous two days! I just love my family and any time I can spend with them is wonderful!!!!
John and I left the next day and made it home safe and sound.
When we walked into the door we could smell propane and John went and checked out tank and it was almost on empty!!! Oh! Oh! So we called the gas company and no one answered. We had the heat turned down while we were away so John just kept it at 65 degrees and tried to call later. Finally we got someone to answer the phone and told them our dilemma. He called a driver and we got our tank filled within the hour! What a blessing that was. The office was closed for the holidays but they opened up for us!! Praise God! When the driver arrived, he said all we had was fumes!! He was surprised we even had a pilot light; let alone the furnace running. John and he both declared this was a miracle and we let it go at that!!! Again, Praise God!!
It is now 6AM, Sunday morn and I am roasty, toasty warm. Now all I need is some coffee and I will be perfectly content!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration. Next stop....New Years' Eve!! We are going out with several friends for dinner and then to one of their houses for drinks and snacks. Should be another fabulous party!
Have a wonderful and magical day!
Hugging you all