Friday, December 4, 2009

Jingle Bells...jingle bells!

Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to ride...a one horse open sleigh...Hey!!!! This is just one of my favorite songs during this time of year. I love the classics, like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman! Always brings a smile to my face and I see myself as a little girl; all excited on Christmas Eve. Wondering what Santa will bring? I still get excited and I pretty much know what he will bring. LOL!! What is your favorite song?
Finished the photo shoot of my Christmas baby and she did a wonderful job! Bless her heart. It was a long time sitting in front of the camera but she handled it so well.

Isn't she the cutest little thing? As you can see, she slept through most of it.
Well, all the shopping is done! {you can hate me now} And the items have begun to arrive at my house. Yesterday, the UPS man arrived with several boxes. How exciting! But he wasn't a happy camper. It was snowing and he was so flustered. We ended up with six inches!!!
Now that they presents have begun to arrive; the fun part begins. Wrapping! {really} I love this part. I purchased mostly clothing for my grandkids and I can just imagine the looks on their faces when they open these gifts. Wonder what they will look like in them. Of course, I will ask for a fashion show! And I take dozens of pics. It is a yearly ritual now. And I love it.
These pics are from last year. Sorry they are blurry but I needed new glasses at the time and my vision was way off. But, you get the idea. We have a blast!!! My grandson gets toys...he says clothes are for regular shopping days. LOL!
My hubby took this pic. Nice and clear! Would you look at those ears!! We have no idea where they came from. If anyone knows, please let us in on it! LOL!!!! As you can see. He was pretty happy that clothing was purchased for him. Well, I did get him some new PJ's. But that was it; I swear!

As you can see, we received some snow yesterday! Bah hum bug! I know! I know! It is pretty but still....people can't drive in this stuff. They go way to fast and end up crashing into whomever they please! It is like bumper cars! I mean...what are they thinking? And those with four-wheel drive think they are invincible! They love to drive down the road and veer off onto the median just because they think they can! And then, when they discover that the snow was deeper than they thought...they panic and leave huge scars on the side of the road! Dummies! So, I like looking at it...but driving in it is another story. Oh! And I especially hate semi-truck drivers who go down the snowy freeway at 90 miles per hour; trailing a rooster tail of snow behind them. Of course, YOU can't see but they don't give a d**mn!!! Boy do I hate that!
Well, enough ranting here! The snow is pretty and I have a fire roaring in the living room. I am surrounded with packages to wrap and I have my Mojito!!! Can we say "BLISS"?
Have a warm and snugly and magical day!
Hugging you all,