Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finally finished!!

This is the before picture of the baby I have been working on. He is for a custom order from the doll show. I think I told you about him. His new mommy wanted a baby that would depict Santa when he was a baby. Actually, though, she wanted a baby that looked more like her son at that age. Because when her son was little, he wanted to grow up and become Santa! I am still waiting for that to happen! LOL! Growing up to be Santa is one of my dreams!
Anyway, here he is finished. I deliver him tonight to his mommy and I sure hope she is pleased with him. I personally think he is adorable. Her son, by the way, had blond hair.

Tonight, at his new mommy's house, we are going to a Mystery Solving Party. So that will be so much fun. My character name is Norma Nightshade...and I might be a vampire!?! No one knows for sure. She is a late night TV host. And no one ever sees her during the day. So it does make one wonder. Yes?
My hubby is going as a motivational speaker! We remember that character on Saturday Night Live where the motivational speaker lived in a van down by the river!!! He had greased back hair and horn rim glasses. His suit was two sizes two small for him!!! So funny!
Today is cold but it is beautiful outside. The sun is shining and the skies are blue. I love this type of winter. You can keep that snow! I like snow to come on Christmas Eve and disappear on the 26th! Never to be seen again. I feel this way because we always travel during the Christmas holidays and it sure can be tiresome when it is snowing. People just don't know how to drive in it! And we have driven in some hellish blizzards....where you could just barely see what was in front of you and that was it! Awful!!!!! Nightmares!!!! Don't want to do that anymore!!
Well, I am off to finish last minute wrapping. Hope you all have a magical and beautiful day!!
Hugging you