Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Seasons' Greetings...again!!

Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree! How lovely are your branches.....La La La!!!

Here is my black Christmas tree! Yes! You heard right. It is black and I love it. It is a pencil tree as you can see and my ornies are white, black and silver with some angels thrown into the mix. I just wanted to share this with you. Here are some close ups!

I still have alot of prezzies to wrap and that is what I am doing today. The snow has hit and the winds are awful! 50 to 60 miles per hour!!!!! Say...shaking the rafters!!! Blew the lid off of the hot tub and the snow took out our satellite! Yes, it is winter and I am not a happy camper.
Hope you all are having better weather than me? But at least I am snuggy and warm and I thank God for that. Heat is a wonderful thing!!!!
I was talking to my DIL last night and in the midst of this blizzard, my son was outside trying to fix a broken water pipe??!! He was a frozen popcycle! And in the house was one wife, one son and four {count them} four daughters. No water!! No bathroom!! No showers!! They thought they were going to die!!! LOL!! By the way, he is now their official hero. He fixed it and they have water and bathrooms in working order. Now they can wash and blow dry their hair with reckless abandon!!!!
My husband is home from work today due to the blizzard like conditions up here. I say "up here" because we live up in the East Mountains, outside Albuquerque. So he calls in to the office and they say the sun is shinning and the roads are just damp. No snow!!! We are only 30 miles away!!! How strange is that? But that happens all the time. Anyway, it is good to have him home. He can help wrap!
My friend and I went shopping yesterday and her hubby said he would call us if the weather started turning bad. So we were merrily shopping our hearts out. I was at Macy's and my phone rang. It was my husband and he said, "Where are you?" I replied with glee, "Macy's!" He then said, " It is really snowing up here! Why aren't you home?!!" I said, " Oh Shit!!!" Told Cheri that we were in trouble due to the snow and we left as soon as we could. It was a scary trip home; but we made it. Again, thank the good Lord!! Prayers answered! But her husband is so fired!!!!! He never called! He didn't think it was that bad??!!! What??!!!!!!
So take care my dear ones and stay warm and cozy!
Have a magical and beautiful day
Hugging you all