Monday, December 14, 2009

Ten Days!!!!! Wow!

This morning isn't as cold as it has been. But we do have new snow on the ground. Just a few inches! I hope that is all we get because I have to go out today.
Well yesterday we started a fire in the fireplace and began the process of packing up the gifts that are going out of town. My mom is going to be so surprised. I am sending her a baby!!

I am also sending her two collages and a necklace I made using a Rose Quartz stone! She is going to be so excited. Can't wait till she gets this package.

Wish my presents looked this pretty. Found this image on photobucket. Beautiful!

See the snow on my yucca? And, as always, beautiful blue skies!! Love living in New Mexico!
I am now waiting on some last minute gifts that I purchased and once they are wrapped I am done!! Cards are out and firewood has been delivered. We are ready for a cozy, fun Christmas! Life just couldn't be any better! I feel so blessed.
My son and his family are coming this weekend to go see the festival of lights at our BioPark! I will take lots of pics and share them with you. I hear it is beautiful! It will be a fun weekend. They will also see all their wrapped presents and begin to get excited!!!! I love it!!!!
Well, I smell the coffee and I need it badly. So I will sign off for now!
May you have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you