Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Tuesday....Mulch, Martinis and a Movie!

After last week with the 12 inches of snow...this week was great!  No snow...lots of sun...but high winds did plague us.  Darn!  But that is spring here...lots of wind!!

Got pampered on Thursday...nails and toes done by my nail tech, Jessica!  I heart Jessica...she is so kind and professional.  She does good work!!  Then Alice came and cleaned the house...I heart Alice...she is the best and the sweetest person I know.  I definitely feel like a Queen now!!  And spoiled for sure.

Friday, Dr. John flew to Alabama to visit my old sculpture professor, Carl Floyd.  He is also John's  BFF!  They thoroughly enjoy each other and it had been too long since they have been together.  I will have plenty of pics to share next week!  Carl is one amazing sculptor and he designed and built his home in Alabama.  Dr. John says it is amazing,.  Can't wait to see it!!

Sunrise yesterday morning was absolutely fabulous!!!!

Amazing, huh?

Friday nite, Cheri and I went out to dinner at Pete's..our Martini Bar...Lauren makes the BEST martini's.  Anyway, we split a dinner and had a couple wonderful martini's and listened to a live band.  Great fun!!

Cheri, BFF


Saturday was errand day, so Cheri and I decided to combine lists and do it together.  So Costco, Valet Dry Cleaning, Walgreens for prescriptions, lunch at IHop ( had coupon for buy one get one entree---woot!!), and Home Depot for mulch!  They had it priced at $3.69 per 40 lb. bag of red mulch!  Woot!!  Woot!!  So we filled up Cheri's truck with 20 bags!  Whew!  Loading was easy (the guys helped out)..unloading was a bit daunting!  I only needed 6 bags and I struggled.  Ha!!  But Cheri has all the rest!  Guess I will be struggling again soon when she goes to unload!! Whew!!

Sunday we took Cheri's mom and met her sister, Barbara at Cinemark Theater to see the movie, The Vow!!  Fabulous movie!  Brought tears to my eyes and it had a wonderful ending.  If you haven't seen it...GO!!  Barbara then took Louise with her to her house ( Cheri and Barbara take turns taking care of their mom--she is 98 years young and still going strong!).  Then Cheri and I did some shopping!  Went to Macy's and kind of walked through.  Priced some is $108.!!!!  And I wanted some...guess it goes on my birthday list.  Then we walked over to Rue 21 and I shopped for my g'daughter's upcoming birthday...great prices and fabulous selections!!

Then we went to O'Neils' Pub and got an appetizer and an Orange Dream Martini!  OMG!  It was to die for!  Cheri got a Lemon Drop Martini..also wonderful!!

Sooo good.  And at O'Neils'...they had a live band!  On Sunday!!  And they were really good.  Forgot to write down their name...darn it!!  Sorry!!

Monday, I organized my studio...getting ready to start another large collage!!  This one will be 5'x6'!!   I love working on large collages.  But I do need to do some smaller ones.  So when I approach some galleries, I have a mixture available.  Also good for my ETSY store.  Oh...I almost forgot.  I have a new web site.  Check it out.

Well, I think I Randomized my heart out!!  Sheesh!!  Busy week for sure!!  Remember to visit Stacy at Stacy Uncorked and see what the other Randomizers are up too!  Good stuff, I can assure you.


Oh!  I almost Mom is coming to visit in September!!  Woot!!

Be well!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you


Bossy Betty said...

So many wonderful things happening! Always good to catch you with you, you busy, creative lady, you!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

You have many things happening here...friends look like yall had fun...I want to see the movie

ellen abbott said...

It has been so windy here too. I like a nice breeze but this wind has been daily thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a martini person that but the orange cream one looks tasty.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Shopping period is so expensive. I always look for bargins on the off season. DH buys all of my clothing, shoes, perfume. I don't like buying for myself, but enjoy shopping for the rest of the family.

Your sunrise pictures are beautiful! We have goregous ones here in East Tennessee, too. I really want to get a nice digital camera with interchangeable lens.

Read today's post: Do you tweet? Photo editing.Blogger.Light at the end of the tunnel. Laughter is the best medicine.

Brian Miller said...

thanks for the hit on the wife wants to go see we probably will this weekend...

what a gorgeous sunrise...

and friday sounds like it was a lot of fun...smiles.

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

I just spent 4 days with my BFF. I left hubby home to take care of chores! And he did a great job. But, this is about me and my BFF. What would we be without them?

I am Harriet said...

You sure have a lot of fun. An yes, it is fun to get pampered.

Have a great Tuesday!

Stacy Uncorked said...

You are my hero - I get exhausted reading about all you do in just a week! ;) Sounds like you had lots of fun - well, except for wrangling the bags of mulch. ;) LOVE the sunset pictures, absolutely gorgeous!

Thanks for keeping the random alive with me! :)

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