Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Texture Tuesday...Soft!!


Kim Klassen hosts another edition of Texture Tuesday.  Her challenge this week was to play with an image, based on the word "soft".  Also she asks that we use one of her textures.

The texture I chose is....

Happy Heart

The images I worked with are....

With the filter applied...

lightly applied

heavily applied

Mixing it up a bit....

The pictures are of one of my reborn baby dolls all decked out for Easter and my granddaughters.
Fun, huh?  Make sure you go over to Kim's and see the other "soft" photos!  Amazing works!!

Have a creative and imaginative day.


Brian Miller said...

digging the one in the hat....the baby one i did not like so much...the lines breaking its face up makes it feel weird to me...

Pat said...

sweet images - I like all the experiments you did.

Genie said...

I know you had a great time putting this post together. Love the way you mixed and matched and all the different results you got. This was a real treat to see. Keep on going. I love seeing your work. genie

Lisa said...

Isn't texturizing fun?! The shot of the Easter baby is simply adorable!