Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Tuesday....Pedaled, Purchased and Pouted!!!

I woke up this morning and received a huge surprise!!!  Here are some pics...

Sorry about the dark pics. Ha!  Remember I get up at 3 A.M.!!!  So this is what I saw...OMG!!
April and it snowed.  That is about 4 inches or more!  Sucks for sure!  Guess a walk this morning is out  of the question.  Maybe it will be gone by noon!!??

Speaking of walking!!  Got in three miles on Sunday!!  Woot!!  On Monday, Cheri said that the weather was fine so I set off to walk again and it was so windy and cold...when I got to her house I said...NICE:????  This is not we decided to go to the new gym!!  I put in 3.23 miles on the recombant bike!  Coolness!!
Then we went to Pete's and sat at the bar and had martini's and nachos.  Ha!  So much for that work out!
Ha!! Ha!! Ha!!

 My trip to CA. was also uneventful!  Cold, windy and overcast!  The downtown area that we were in was mostly Chinese stores and such...a mini China Town.  No museums!  Darn!  The closet museum was a history museum...not really interested in going there.  So I computed and finished The Jack Reacher book I was reading,   Then I started a new book, The Hunger Games; or did I tell you that? 

Glad to get home and was greeted by sunshine and warm weather...until this morning!  Sheesh!!  Area schools are closed.  Sigh!  I was going to get my seeds planted today...maybe by this weekend.  Last year we couldn't get plants into the ground until June 1st!!!

News flash!!  It is still up to 7 inches!!!!  Yikes!!

On Sunday afternoon, I updated my ETSY shop...with my reborn babies.  Here are their pics...

I am offering them at 50% prices are really low.  Clearing out my inventory of completed babies.  Time to update my kits.  So these completed babies are needing homes.   Visit my ETSY shop and SHOP!!
Good deals for sure!!  Two have sold already!!!  Going fast!

Monday, besides my walking...I got all my business accounting done..well caught up for this year...2012!!
Cool, huh?  Usually I wait until last minute but since my New Year word is "Complete" I aim to do just that.
Complete all tasks at hand and those left undone from last year!  So far, so good.

I purchased some new shoes...God I love shoes...and a couple of dresses on sale of course!!  Here are some places I shop online.

Alice. com   great place for paper products and ship over $40   amazing new designer fabrics....fabulous place
contemporary    also great new designers fabrics    wonderful avante guard clothing
lampsplus.comm    wonderful place and good prices on lighting...indoors and outdoors as well as clocks and mirrors   I shop here all the time for art papers, paint, chip board and the like.  Great place for art supplies.   also good for art supplies, esp. paint, brushes and canvases.

Just to name a few!  Grin

Well that is all the randomizing I aim to do today.  Make sure and go give Stacy of Stacy Uncorked a shout and tell her hi!!  She is hosting this Randomizing Thingy...why don't you join in??  I am sure you have some tidbits to share.

Have a blessed and magical day.
Hugging you

PS  Darn Blogger posted before I was ready so sorry for the two postings.  Sheesh!!


ellen abbott said...

lots of babies.

Snow! the weather this year is screwy. I wonder if all this craziness is the new norm or if it will settle down.

Brian Miller said...

7 inches of snow...that is just all your babies...feel like its been a while since you posted pics of them....still amazing...

Stacy Uncorked said...

Holy cow! 7 inches of snow? When I tell Princess Nagger, she's going to be so jealous! :)

Love all your babies!

I shop at some of the same online places as you do - I'll have to check the others out for when I need some of that stuff for my dolls and crafts. :)

Princess Nagger and the Ruptured Eardrum

pchickki said...

Sounds like you are having the same weather we are right now.
I guess there will be spring soon and I can't wait.
Your babies are so adorable! Always have admired them SueAnn. Whenever I see your name a picture of your babies comes to mind.
Hope they all find forever homes.
I am off to check your shop out now.

Hilary said...

Sorry about the snow.. but glad it's not here. ;)

The first and last doll.. how incredibly real they look. I hope they all sell to good homes.

urban muser said...

wow, i can't believe your still getting snow!!

SandyCarlson said...

Snow? That is scary stuff. You are a brave soul getting up at that hour and taking it all in. Your dolls are lovely.

Riki Schumacher said...

Snow? April? Wow, that is strange. LOVE your babies, I'm sure they will fly out. They need good homes, with all the love you put in to making them.
xoxo Riki

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm not feeling the Blogger love much myself right now, lol!

Look at that snow!!!! My Bella would be over the moon about it though. It only snowed here once this past "winter" and that was just barely a dusting. Very mild here, indeed. Stay warm!

She Writes Here Now said...

Okay! I love to sew (and never do). have been wanting to make Jane a dress. Gonna check out your recommendation immediately!

Thank you for the kind welcome back :)!

Mark said...

Oh no, snow in April. I will be one unhappy guy if that happens.
By the way, I want you for a workout partner, martini's after, I love it.