Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ Time flies and glue dries!


Not only is this Random Tuesday but it is the beginning of March and Daylight Savings Time!!  Yikes...did you remember?  I am still trying to recover that missing hour.  Ha! Anyone find it?

This week, Dr. John came and went to San Diego...he had a fabulous time and met with a lot of good
friends...met some new ones too!  And I for one am glad he is home.  I missed him!

On Tuesday, Cheri and I went to lunch at Bravo...yummmmm...and saw a movie.  Les Miserables!!  Oh my was it ever sad!  And the movie was great!  Hugh Jackman can sing!!!  Who knew and Russell Crowe did an admirable job as well.  Anne Hathaway was incredible !!!  If you haven't seen it; good time to go.  We saw it at the dollar  Cinema!  Yes we have one here in town and it always shows the movies that have recently been released!!  Ones that have been out for one month or more.  So we go there quite a bit.

 Picked up the bottom half of the large installation piece that I had at the attorney's office.  I was right,  The drying heat of the furnace is causing the glue to becomer dry and brittle.  Therefore, the beads are popping right off.  I applied my "invention" to fix the problem and it worked.  But boy will it take some work.  Here are some pics...

So I bend and twist the wire so that it holds the bead to the surface of the canvas.  I use two brass screws and attach them into the "tabs" created on each twisted wire.  But as you can see, the screw heads become real visible...not good.  So I found some floral antique copper rondels to attach to the heads of each screw.  Wa La!!  Works like charm.  

Then I still needed a glue that wouldn't shrink up...and I did.  A construction adhesive that is good in all temps.  Takes a while to dry though but this should do it.  

Now I have the bottom half of the painting laying on my dining room table...ha!!  But this way I can lay it out flat and let it dry.  Now on to making a million wire wraps!!  JK!!  Gonna put in a good movie and twist away.  Will have more pics next week!

Had my annual physical this week and all is good!  Got a nasal prescription for my allergies!!  Snuffle!  And the doc is pleased with my overall health.  Praise God!!

Still have the gum pain...the new "fixes" have made no noticeable difference.  So, see oral surgeon on the 26th and we will see what he says.  What new fixes will be tried.  The pills just made me sleepy and the oral mouth rinse...did nothing!!


Well, off to twist some wire and glue down some beads.  I see a movie on the horizon!  Breaking Dawn, Part 2!!!  Here I come!!

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Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you



Tabor said...

It never occurred to me that an artist would have to go back and do some maintenance on a project. But I guess it does depend where it is hung! Very creative of you, but also a lot of extra work. Will you be paid more for the new work?

Brian Miller said...

so your invention worked? i think it pretty cool...ingeneous....smiles....i love our dollar theatre as well...saw les mis at broadway in high school....was amazing....

Queenie Jeannie said...

So glad your honey is back home!!! We do tend to miss our men, don't we, lol!!!

Looks like you are enjoying your crafting! Fabulous!

Sorry on the oral pain. NO FUN!!!!

ellen abbott said...

I'm glad the fix worked. I hate having to go back and work on a piece.

Stacy Uncorked said...

It's been a while since I've seen Les Miserables - I wouldn't mind seeing it again. :)

Oh, and because of you, I now have all the Twilight movies purchased waiting for me to find time to watch them - Princess Nagger rolled her eyes when she saw them - apparently she's not interested in sparkly vampires. ;)

So glad your invention for the fix is working! :)

Daylight Saving Time, Cat-Scratch Fever, Toothpaste Shortage: RTT Rebel

khess136 said...

LOVED this version of Les Mis! So, you're not only a great artist, but a great engineer as well!! I love your "fix!"
Feel better soon, the teeth are amazing....we fight to get them and fight to keep them and all that's involved in between!