Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ Locking it down!!

Yes it's that time again...time to get my Random On!!  So where should I begin?

Went to Bob's office and took the bottom half of the painting and brought it back to my studio.  Well, actually, it would only fit in my dining room.  Took over the entire room!  Ha!

I made 52 wire jigs and glued all the beads down...again!  This time I used Industrial Glue...then I attached the wires to the beads and screwed them down.  Two screws per bead!

Once that was done...I glued the flower rondells on top of the beads and wa la!  Job done!  And it looks really good, if I do say so myself!!

I have scheduled my son, Lee Sr.. and Butch and Cheri and Dr. John and myself, to bring the other part of this painting down (remember it is up 15 feet!) and work on it there in the conference room.  Gluing and wiring, etc.  Then we have to re-hang the entire piece!!  Sheesh!  This is where is gets complicated!  I will post some pics next week, of the operation.  Ha!!

Thanks ahead of time to all that will be helping.  I am buying lunch!!  This week I will be making a bunch of wire jigs so that I will have enough to complete the job.

This week I will also be organizing my 2012 paper work....income tax time!!  Yuck!!  This time, I tried something new.  I used WAVE Accounting which is online.  I posted all my receipts as I received them and, after I categorized them, them organized them into a usable report.  So, in theory, all I have to do is print out the report and plug in the totals on the income tax forms.  Ha!  Sounds to good to be true!  Will let you know.

Got my toes and fingernails done!  I have been going to a new Nail Tech.  Over at Famous Nails...Aaron!  He is really, really good.  A perfectionists and an artist.  I miss my old nail tech, Jessica, but one has to do what one has to do.  This time we went coral in color and Aaron painted a butterfly wing onto my ring finger.  Beautiful!

Been walking again...with Cheri and going 3 miles each morning!  My shins were not happy...stiff?!!!  They sure were!!  But it is working it's way out now..thankfully!  I am also getting some new shoes...I will show you a pic next week.  I hope they offer better support than the ones I have now.  Plus the ones I have now bother by big toe!!  Ha!  Walk scenery....

Butch is coming from Florida today to visit with Cheri this week!  I am getting my hair done Wed., and Cheri is making shrimp cocktail and crab cakes!!  Yummy!!  Then on Friday, we are all taking Dr. John out to Pappadeaux's for a belated birthday dinner!!  His birthday was Feb. 5th!  Just a little late but Dr. John says that when you get his age...birthdays last longer!!  Pics next week!!

Watched the movie Breaking Dawn, Part Two..again!!  Ha!  Love this series!  I hear that her new venture, The Host, is coming out soon.  The movie that is!  I have yet to read the book.  My granddaughter, Emma, loved the book and is looking forward to the movie!  So I guess I have a book to read.  I was one year late in reading The Hunger Games!  And I did watch the movie...beginning of this year on Pay Per View.  Loved the costuming and make up!  Followed the book pretty closely!

Have you been over to Stacy's yet?  Stacy Uncorked?  Lots of Randomizing going on over there!! 
Check it out!

Oh!  By the way!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!!  Did you get your green on?  Your corned beef and cabbage?  I sure did!  We were going to O'Neils pub but  way layed by an attack of the tired outs!!  Ha!!  So I passed on the Orange Dreams Martinis and the Cloggers and the Bagpipes!!  Sigh!  I know...should have went any way.

I started a diet three weeks ago.  I want to COMPLETE the weight loss I began two years ago.  Fifty pounds to go.  So this new diet consists of high protein like the Atkins and vitamin shots.  After the three weeks have passed I gained four pounds!  Ha!  I think I am going in the wrong direction?  Ya think?  So far, it is not working for me and they have no answers to solve the if I haven't lost this week, I will ditch them and just do Atkins and exercise.  Due to the congestive heart failure, I hold/retain this isn't easy.  The diet place says 128 ozs. of water a day....but my heart doc says no more than 50 ozs.  Sheesh!  So I have been doing 64 ozs. and my knee is really swollen...!  Sigh!!  This is not what I call Fit for Life!!!    I will figure this out!!

Well that is enough Random for this week.  I have a busy weekend coming up!!  Wish me luck on the re-install!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you


Missy said...

Corned beef is not good for diets, but I do believe it IS good for the soul.

I love Twilight too. Don't know why. It doesn't make sense if you know me personally. I'm not at all fluffy and stuff. But something about Twilight... Haven't gotten into the Host. I am avoiding all thing Meyers in hopes of not developing another addiction.

Brian Miller said...

i wore enough green to avoid a pinch...haha...that first fence row with the wood it! and cool deal on fixing up the art in the docs office...not a quick jub eh?

Maggie May said...

What beautiful colours in those first few.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Stacy Uncorked said...

I don't think I realized how ginormous that painting is! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of 'the operation'. ;) Love the way the repairs look - genius! :)

LOVE the manicure and butterfly wing!

Oh wow! If I had scenery like that, I'd be walking every day! :) Love the shots!

I haven't watched the Twilight series yet - but the DVD's arrived, so it's only a matter of time. ;)

We got our green on for St. Patty's day, but I didn't do corned beef and cabbage - I did an amazing pot roast instead. ;)

I have water retention issues, too - started when I was pregnant with Princess Nagger and never went away. Though I think my problem is I don't drink water like I *should*. ;) Good luck with your diet! :)

Snow Teaser, Omarosa the Witch, St. Patty’s Day Fun Fail but Pot Roast Win: RTT Rebel

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

You are as always SO busy, and with such a positive attitude. Best news is the morning walks with Cheri. 3 miles is RAMBO...go girls. Sure hope you can find the perfect walking shoe as comfort is key...yeah, those days of speed before comfort are over for us, huh? Hugs...Charlotte

Mark said...

Wow, more is better in your house I see. That painting is huge. But gorgeous.

Queenie Jeannie said...

You've been super busy!!! Lots of work on your painting, but well worth it. Your nails look lovely, but I'm terribly jealous. It's crazy expensive over here, so I haven't had mine done in almost 3 years!!! I used to go in every week! *sad face* That seafood looks amazing - enjoy!

Anonymous said...

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