Friday, January 22, 2010

As promised!

Here are the pics of my eyeliner tattoo and my butterfly! My tattoo artist was wondering if I was addicted now? Hmmm! Good question! Notice I said, "My tattoo artist"? LOL!! Her name is Tammy and she is awesome.I threw in the pic of my nails just to show off. This has been pamper week and I love it. They have been predicting a severe winter storm all week and now this is Friday and we had maybe two snow flakes!! Woohoo! So I have been enjoying myself.
Monday, had a manicure and pedicure!! Tuesday, got my butterfly tattoo and a touch up on my eyeliner tattoo as well! Wednesday, went for my electrolysis treatment and got my hair dyed!! Thursday, went into town and got some "snow coming stock the pantry" supplies and napped all day!
So as you can has been an awesome week for me.
The kids are coming Saturday! I am so excited! I hope this "storm" stays away so they can make the trip. We have a party to go to Saturday night and my son and his wife are going as well. It is my honey's company holiday party. They call it a winter party. Whatever! It will be fun. My son works for the same Company...just in a different town. (Gallup, New Mexico) About three hours west of us.
Hope you all have a wonderful, magical day!!
Hugging you

PS I just saw my post and those two eyes (mine) looking out at you is scary!! Sorry about that but you wanted to see!!