Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Tuesday arrived so quickly!!

This will be truly random too!! LOL!!

I was driving last night on the freeway and it was dark (6PM)! Amazing how dark it is at that time. A Semi-Truck pulled along side of me and all of a sudden the car in front of me swerved almost hitting the truck! While I was watching that...I didn't notice why he had swerved. There was an iron table (some metal) sitting, legs up, in the middle of my lane!!!! I tried to swerve but really didn't have much room to do so. I ended up striking this table with my right front side bumper and tire. "Holy Shit", I said! And so did my friend! I thought for sure I would have a flat but I keep going and no flat!! I was shocked. I got to my Bead Society Meeting and forgot to look at the car. Go figure!!!

Bead Society Meeting was a lot of fun and we had over 55 women there. guy too! LOL!! After the meeting, several ladies heard we ( my friend Cheri and I ) got tattoos and they were immensely curious. We both said, "We turned 60 this year and thought what the heck....we have been wanting one for a long we did it!!" They all laughed then of course had to see them. We proudly showed off our skin art!! What impressed them the most though was the eyeliner tattoos we had gotten as well. They loved that and wanted to know where they could do the same. It is cool! I look like I am wearing make up when I get up in the morning. I love it!!

My mind was full of the meeting and driving home we were planning our next escapade. So again, I didn't look at the car. Drove Cheri home and came up my driveway and noticed John had left all the lights on for me. So I was pleased and entered into my studio (that is how I get into the house) and locked the doors. Again, no thought of the iron table incident!! Am I a space cadet or what???!!!

This morning, I caught up on my email and then John fixed me breakfast. As I was eating, it occurred to me that I had hit that iron table. I told John and he said, "You did what???? And you are just now telling me??" What could I say but yes! That I had totally spaced it. So he put on his coat and took a flashlight (it was 6 AM) to go check the car. Two minutes later, he comes in and says call the insurance company! Huh? Why? He says the lower running light has been torn completely off the car and some of the bumper!! Oops! Guess I should have tried to look? And then he says that we don't know what kind of damage it did under the we need an estimator to give it a thorough check out! Oh dear!!! We have a $500.00 deductible. Ouch!! John figures at least $2000.00 to fix this car!!! Darn! What's a girl to do?? I couldn't miss it...there was nowhere for me to go!

I couldn't finish my breakfast! And he made me scrambled eggs and toast too! Just lost my appetite. Do you blame me?

Talked to my mom this morning and she has been shoveling her driveway from all the snow. She lives in Ohio (Lancaster) and to add to this, she is 82 years young!! The neighbor was supposed to keep her driveway shoveled. But his snowblower quit working that day. So out she goes...into the cold and precedes to shovel her entire driveway!! What am I to do with her!?!

Well, I think that is enough randomness for today! My appetite is still gone and I need to call the insurance company. I am not looking forward to that!!

You all have a magical and blessed day!! Watch out for road hazards!!!!!
Hugging you