Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here we go again....randomly!!!

Tuesday already??!!?? What happened to Saturday? Every feel like that? The world is rushing forward and all you want to do is pause; if only for one day?! Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Received some photos from my granddaughters...they crack me up. They are such camera hogs. But if I looked like they do I would be too!! Here are some of the pics.
The top pic is the cheer squad...Emma (the blond) is our resident cheerleader!

Here are some places I would love to see in person. I have been to the Grand Canyon and it is breath-taking!! I have also been to Alaska and I was blown away by the scenery. The Glaciers were my favorite thing to photograph and the sounds that they made!!! It was so awesome! They creak and groan and every once in awhile...explode and drop into the ocean a part of themselves. Pretty amazing!!

We took the car in for repairs on Monday and they gave me a rental car. Seriously! A Chevy Tahoe...and what a tank it is. I don't like it at all! You need a ladder to get into it...thankfully it has a running board that you can step on to get in. Sniff! I want my car back. I am definitely spoiled. The estimate came in at $1000.00 which is a lot less that what we thought it would be. It should be done by Wednesday. Fingers are crossed!

I entered one of my babies into a Reborn competition at the Whispered Moments Reborn Guild and we will see how that goes. Here she is!!

I found some old black and white photos I took a million years ago. This one is of my old doll collection...well a few of them that is. I thought the photo is so cool!! Here it is!
My sweet husband, John, just brought me in my coffee. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I can wake up now! It is freshly ground French Roast by Starbucks. Yes! I am a coffee snob. I only like freshly ground coffee now. It is so much better than ground and in the can coffee. Richer and more full bodied. Love it!

Well this is about as Random as I can get today! Hope you had fun traveling down the randomness lane with me?

Hope you all have a magical and blessed day!!!
Hugging you