Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Tuesday ~~ Coming to you live!!

Had the family here for Saturday and Sunday!  Mom and Dad; three of the grands and one boyfriend!!  Two of the grands had to work!  They arrived Saturday afternoon and all but dad slept on the way here.  So I got a bunch of sleepy hugs and kisses.  Ha!!  Love it!

Saturday night, we all went to Isotopes field to watch a baseball game and have a picnic.  It was a company picnic.  Dr. John and Lee (our son) both work for the same company and it was this company that hosted the game and the picnic.  Food was terrific!  Hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ chicken and BBQ Beef.  Yum!  All the sides and plenty of non-alcoholic drinks.  The game was terrific and we won!!!!!!  So how is it that I still spent $60.00???  Sheesh!

And would you believe that I took not one picture?!  Tis true...not a one!  Everyone looked fabulous and we were all together and I forgot my camera!!  Then at home, we were so busy chatting and setting up beds for everyone...nary a pic was taken.  Sorry about that!

Here is some of the girls!!  At least you have something to look at!!  Ha!

As some of you may know; I walk three miles a day now.  Yesterday, I was walking along and right in front of me was one very large coyote!!  Kind of surprised me and I her!  She looked at me and I looked at her.  I decided she was far enough away so I turned and started walking back up the hill.  Looked around and saw that she started following me!!  Yikes!  In the last couple of years, the coyotes have become larger and much more aggressive towards humans than in days of I became nervous.  Oh okay...I was now scared.  As she continued following me, I walked faster and made that big hill in record stopping.  Finally, she just disappeared.  Whew!  But I was wary for the rest of the walk.  So glad when I made it home with no further sitings of coyotes or bears!  What a relief!  Today I take my walking stick and pray!!!!!

I got the cutest pair of red strappy sandals.  Got them from my granddaughter who is now selling Avon.

Ha!  Just kidding!  Aren't these amazing?  How could one walk in these?  Had to share!

Aren't they the most adorable?  Thank you Emma for bringing them to me and thanks to Avon for offering them.  Love them!!

Outside my adobe wall is a locust tree growing called Golden Rain.  It is in full bloom right now and filled with honey bees!  That is so cool since honey bees are on the decline!! 

Isn't it gorgeous?  Didn't try to photograph the bees.  They were all so busy...I left them alone!

Went to Christy Mae's Restaurant on Saturday afternoon before the kids arrived.  Located on San Pedro in Albuquerque.  Wonderful restaurant and fabulous food choices.  I ordered the Chicken Salad is made with chunks of grilled chicken, celery, onions, grapes and walnuts with salad dressing!  So yum!!

Now quit slobbering all over my screen!  And yes I took most of it home!!  This is about three servings for me.  Ha!  But it sure is good!!

I have been hard at work on the fiber sculpture and will show pics on Wednesday.  It is coming together nicely.  I am definitely ready to be done and I am sure Bob is ready as well!!

Well, that is enough ramblings from me!!  Make sure and check out The UnMom and see what she is going on and on about as well as other rambling blogs!  Go on know you want too!!

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Brian Miller said...

lol. you did get me slobbering there...looks good. sounds like you had a great weekend..and nice pics of the girls. they look like stars...

if i ever had to try walking around in shoes like those first i would be

Kim Mailhot said...

Love your random bits today. You are living a good life, SueAnn - filled with family, love and fun that you celebrate whenever possible. That is truly a good thing.
Beware of coyotes and carry a big stick. I think she was just admiring your strong walking style ! ;)
Happy Tuesday !

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

That coyote would have scared me, too. As do those first pair of shoes... ;) Sounds like you had the perfect family weekend! :)

RTT: Heat, Dork Dogs, Etc.

Indrani said...

What a wide range of subjects for the shots. Great ones. Loved the high heeled shoe the most.:)

Kristina P. said...

I LOVE chicken salad sandwiches. I am always on the hunt for them. Arby's used to have a good one, but they stopped carrying them. Boo.

deb said...

you always make me smile ,
I appreciate you for that. What a gift you have.

When we are busy I don't usually take pictures either. Too busy:)

I had a coyote encounter in the spring , and you're right about their changing nature. BE CAREFUL!

Maggie May said...

Coyotes and bears! Yikes!
I would never go out!

Those shoes....... Are they just for show? The other pair looks really lovely though.

Mmmmmmmh! The sandwich looks yummy.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

TechnoBabe said...

You do have some pictures and they are nice ones. How can you remember the camera when there is a houseful of family all anxious to talk with each other and so much going on. The company picnic sounds like a pretty big one. It has been a few years since I went to a company picnic. I really like your sexy red sandals. Really cool. Great color.

Debbie(single;complicated) said...

LOL on the sandles! LIKE your better!!:)

Jill said...

A COYOTE!!! how scary!! I had a friend who met a bear walking once and remembered being told to sing to calm them down - so she stepped off the path, sang in a very wobbly voice, but the bear disappeared so maybe it worked!!
Love your red sandals! and that Golden rain tree is fabulos!!

Thanks for sharing! :)

Jenn said...

I'm a sissy! I would have run screaming for the hills if I'd seen a coyote! Yikes... glad you are okay!

And I love the shoes!!!!! So cute!!