Friday, July 9, 2010

WIP ~ Fiber Sculpture ~ Day Twelve

Good Morning everyone!!!  Today is going to be a fabulous day!  I just know it!  Not just for me; but for you too!  So put on your big person pants and SMILE!!!!!!

Been busy with the fiber sculpture.  Thought I would share some current shots of the piece!  This pic shows the fabric on tube number one.  Notice I use three different fabrics on the tubes.  

This one shows the fabric wrapped entirely around the tube...!

Fabric on tube number two!!

Fabric wrapped around tube number two!

Now I am adding more layers of fabric to the top of tube number two.

That is it for now!  I still have another tube to attach.  The light colored material on the top is the handmade paper that I made.  Isn't it cool?

Will be back with more later!  Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you


Cinner said...

SueAnn I think it just gets more interesting as it goes on. Congratulations on your 100 followers, and thank you for all your comments you leave on my blogs. you are a dear. have a wonderful weekend.

deb said...

oh, it's cool.
have a great weekend.
we are finally getting some much needed rain here as I type this.
life is good.

Brian Miller said...

looks like you are making good how long do you think it will take to complete?

Tabor said...

It does get more interesting!

TechnoBabe said...

Yes, it is cool. Nice work and fun to watch the progression and all without your assistant now.

ellen abbott said...

It's really coming along. Your handmade paper is really wonderful. You made such large sheets but seem to be only using a little.

EWian said...

You are always making so much fun projects, looking forward to see ow it develop...


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

"Big person pants." I love it!

Anonymous said...

I am smiling too, at "big persons pants".. fun fun..
Love the project you are doing and so great to see it evolve.

about my birdnest, I am hoping they do hatch but were only laid the past 2 days and one yesterday.
I think it takes 2 wks..
Hugs, Darlene