Monday, February 8, 2010


Yes it is giveaway time!! No, not the fire roaring in the fireplace. This is what I viewed yesterday while I watched the Super Bowl!! And yes; I rooted for the C0lts! And no, they didn't win! Oh well! The Saints played a good game. The late in the game interception was kind of the death blow. Poor Manning! He had such a great year!! Anyway! Back to the giveaway!!

In celebration of my 100th post! Woohoo! I am offering an 8 x 10 print by Diane Duda! Isn't it gorgeous! I just got three of her prints and this is one of them. I felt this was a good one to offer you!

What do you have to do? Well..........give me a standing ovation!! Clap your hands!! Send me hugs and kisses! LOL! Really all you need to do is leave a comment here on this post and I will enter your name into the hat. I will have the drawing on Valentine's Day. So you have plenty of time to enter.

Can you believe we are getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day? Unbelievable!! There are a couple things I am involved with for that day here in blog land, so keep checking in.

Mosaic mirror is still on hold while I wait for those glass globs. And I am in the process of making a mock-up of the fiber piece I want to do for the Lawyers office. I will post pics of that when I am done.

You all have a magical and blessed day!

Hugging you