Thursday, February 18, 2010

WIP ~ Day Six!!

As are the first pictures of the grouted mosaic mirror frame. The color shifted a bit! I worked and worked at it...the photo that
is and still didn't get the true color. It is a burgundy/brown color. These pics look more brown. Oh well! You can hopefully get the idea. As you can also see, I am adding a wire overlay.

These will hold beads! That is what I am doing today...after I seal it.

I also noticed some spots where some grout is missing. So I have that to do too. I was hoping to deliver on Friday. But now it looks like it won't be until I return home. I will call them today and tell them.

Thanks for walking with me through this process! I have so enjoyed all the comments! I still have a ways to go; but I will keep you posted.

Have a magical and blessed day!

Hugging you