Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Whew!! Tuesday, February 9th! Amazing how time flies!! Last thing I clearly remember is Halloween (one of my fav holidays)! The rest is a blur!

Monday was a great day.....went into town (with blizzard warning fresh in my ears) and got a manicure and a pedicure. Blizzard warnings or not, a girl has to have pretty hands and feet! I mean....seriously!! Got the most gorgeous hearts put on my cool!

After the Nails Salon in Albuquerque, we went out to lunch at Christy Mae's. Best food ever! I got the chicken salad on croissant......yum! Chicken salad had grapes and nuts in it! OMG! TDF!!

By the time we got home (my friend Cheri and I) the streets were clear of snow and there were only flurries!! So much for the blizzard predicted. Hrrmmmph!!

Needed propane in my tank again! Got the bill and about fell over. $456.00! OMG!! I am totally ready for spring now! That is the second month in a row that my bill was over the $400 mark. Sheesh! At this rate, I will have to cut back on my nails! NOT!!

Well, it is not Valentine's Day yet; so I still have my Christmas tree up! Yeah!! Going for a record here. You should see the look of my housekeeper! LOL! You would think by now, they would be used to this. Sigh! I just love Christmas!

Oh! I got my glass glob tiles so now I can finish the mirror frame I have been working on. I can't wait to grout it. Of course, I will post pictures!

I haven't started on the fiber piece yet. Been so busy with so many things. Finished painting three baby dolls and rooted one of them. This is a preemie for my tattoo lady, Tammy. It is for her daughter. So I wanted to get this one finished.

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Have a magical and blessed day!