Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here we go again!!! RTT

Well, here I sit in Florida and it has been raining. What's up with that!?! Had one good day...Sunday...beautiful and 78 degrees. Loved it! I am not cold anymore. WooHoo!!

Flight was great! Fit in the seat...that is always a plus. I swear! They are making these seats smaller and smaller. No wonder they said that guy was too fat! You have to be a model to fit nowadays!!!!! Good thing I lost 125 lbs. or they would have asked me to leave as well. Anyway! Our baggage all made it to Florida too. I would say a win, win here!

So we get to our room about 9PM and we were so tired. We are staying at the Hilton Airport in West Palm Beach and it is very pretty. The rooms are luxurious but similar to a fancy Holiday Inn. King sized bed, a comfy chair and a desk. They have WiFi ! Woohoo!

We have to take a Trolley to the Convention Center for Dr. John's conference. Geo Technical Engineers! Riding public transportation is always an adventure. And a Trolley no less!!! The driver is a retired cop from New Jersey. LOL!

Conference day one was uneventful. Got signed in and Dr. John saw some engineers that he knew. You could tell he was excited to be here. I was just glad to be in Florida!

Day two was a Spouses' breakfast so I decided to get a little dressed up. Even put my heels on with knee high pantyhose and off we went to catch the Trolley. Ha! Got to the Trolley and I realized my knee high pantyhose were around my ankles. I had lost so much weight that the queen size did not fit any more. Oh well! And I am not used to wearing heels so I am very unsteady on my feet. Boy this is going to be a llllooooonnnngggg day! Get to the breakfast one half hour early. Sigh! Knee highs definitely around my ankles and I am wobbly on my feet...I keep finding places to sit down. Luckily I have pants on so you can't see the hose dangling around my ankles.

8AM! Time for breakfast and I entered the room and there were beautifully set round tables for about 30 spouses. I go in and three other woman enter soon thereafter. We chat and introduce ourselves. I, of course, am sitting! The four of us was all that showed up! Sad!

As breakfast is served I am trying to figure out how I am going to leave this room and go down a slippery hall and out a long sidewalk to catch the Trolley at 10AM??? Oh dear! So I finally decided to take my shoes off and go with my dangling pantyhose only.

So almost barefooted, I run (well walk fast) to catch the Trolley. Some people noticed my feet but said nothing. Whew! Got on Trolley and knew the worst was almost over. Soon I would be back in my room and I could throw away those awful pantyhose and put shoes back in bag. I should have known better. I should have practiced more with the shoes and tried the pantyhose on earlier. Hindsight is 20/20!! It had been 15 years since I had worn heels. Dumb me!!

I changed and grabbed my book, Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston, and headed down to the Tiki Bar. Sun shinning, pier out on a lake...what could be better? Ahhh!! A Mojito!! And the bartender fixed me up. Really did a good job too! Half way through my drink, I was feeling the effects of two kinds of rum! Oh dear! Back to wobbly again and this time with flats!!

Book is great! Drink was great! Sun is great! I am having a great time! What more could I ask for?? Well maybe a Cindy Crawford body and winning the lottery but other than that...nothing!!

Have a magical and blessed day.
From sunny and kind of wet Florida
Hugging you