Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Tuesday is here again!!


# V
ery interesting!!! {I just love my "V"} I got it from She is offering free caps in all kinds of designs for our use. But it is for our personal use..not business or for sale. Anyway...what a hoot!!

It hasn't snowed here for over two weeks. Well, I take that back. It has snowed; but just flurries. So that doesn't count. But my driveway looks like a bomb went off in it. Mud everywhere!! My driveway is over 200 feet long and it was gravel. The operative word here is "was". My snowplow man got a little over zealous and scraped not only the snow, but most of my gravel as well. Leaving craters of mud here and there. How awful is that? The good news is he will come back and attempt to repair it but rearranging the gravel back. We shall see??!!

Valentine's weekend I ended up working on the mirror!! So much for romance! But I got that puppy done! So all I need to do is grout. I will show pics on another post!

I did get some presents in honor of this romantic weekend though. I received two bottles of perfume. One being Red Door which I love and the other is Exceptional. A new scent for me. I love it too. I am one that believes you wear your perfume every day! Don't wait for special occasions! Make every day special. So I smell good even when I am working in my studio. I love it!! So does my honey!

I have been battling a migraine all week! That has taken the joy out of working for me. It has become a chore and I don't like that. I so enjoy the process of making art!! So the migraine tried to take that joy from me. I used drugs!! LOL! I take Imitrex when I feel the migraine coming on. But sometimes that isn't enough. So I take Tylenol laced with codeine. That at least gives me some relief so I can work or sleep; which ever I need at the moment. But this thing won't release me. Every morning it is right now. So Imitrex again and we shall see how the day goes. Sniff! It hurts!!!!!

My honey is up for a promotion right now. We will hear in a couple weeks. It is a good move for him and I am so proud! So I have been praying for it to come to pass. He is thrilled that they have considered him for this new position. I am happy for him too. Now if they would just make up their minds!! Sheesh!! He is good....give it to him!!!!

Thanks for all the great comments about my "Silent Saturdays"! I guess it has become a regular feature and both my honey and I enjoy doing the photos. So I will continue it! Already have some great shots for this up and coming Saturday.

I will be going to Florida on the 20th! Woohoo! My honey has a conference and I decided to go with him. West Palm Beach! I am so excited! I haven't flown in so long! I know the security is gruesome but the good news is, I can fit into the seats! Since I have lost 124 pounds I fit now!! I have lost the need for a second seat! And since we are flying Southwest...well you know they would ask me to get off!!! I will!!

I am taking my laptop with I should be able to stay in touch! As long as the hotel as WiFi!! Which I am sure they do!

Well my dear ones! Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you