Sunday, January 16, 2011

Silent Saturday ~ Part Forty-Eight ~ on Sunday!!

In Memory of those who perished during the Oklahoma bombing!  This is the memorial....


those who perished

part of the wall

kids memorial



We visited this memorial a few years ago and it just felt appropriate to share it with you.  In wake of Arizona..I remembered this terrible tragedy! 

I pray for this great nation as our shining stars seem to dull and the red, white and blue seems faded.  Let us not forget that we are one nation, under God!!!!

Have a blessed and magical day!
Hugging you


Sarah Knight said...

Very poignant.

Brian Miller said...

i went there several years ago...your pics stir the same feelings in me now...tears...

Lori said...

So sad...this post touches my heart deeply..we are one nation under God...we cannot forget that. XX

Magaly Guerrero said...

I went to the memorial last year, and the messages and mementos attached to the fence made me cry. A lot, but not just because if was sad but because it is good to know that people REMEMBER. Thanks for sharing this.

P.S. the pictures of my visit weren't half as good ;-)

Kell Belle Studio said...

Hello Ms. Sue Ann,

Beautiful pictures. I feel very fortunate not to have ever been personally touched by tragedies like this and AZ. My wish is that peace finds the families of the victims and they can learn to forgive. That is where the true healing begins.

I still have hope for mankind world wide.

Blessings :)


Stuff could always be worse said...

Thanks for sharing this memorial with us. It is a beautiful memorial

Hilary said...

So sad.. the kids' tribute is so touching.

Riki Schumacher said...

Amen, that is sooo true. Wonderful to share that SueAnn. We all take so much for granted, every day is a gift. Hugs, Riki

Harman said...

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seabluejewels said...

Sueann, this is such a beautiful memorial for such an awful event.
Maybe one day soon we will all drop our weapons and start more huggin instead! We need places like this to remind us, to keep peace in our hearts.
Loads of love!

Nezzy said...

What a heartfelt tribute to all in each tragedy. It's a day I will never forget!

God bless ya and have a 'peaceful' day my friend! :o)

Indrani said...

Great post.
Very touching the contributions of the kids.

SandyCarlson said...

Compelling and heart-breaking.