Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Tuesday ~ Cap and Gown..Number three down!!

Graduation day for my third oldest granddaughter, Emma!!  Woot!!  Woot!!    What a great accomplishment and she was so excited!!  So were we!!  Here are some pics of the day...

Fun day!!  But hot, hot, hot!!  We sat outside on concrete bleachers for 2.5 hours.  I got a sunburn but I wouldn't have missed this for the world.  What a special day.

After ceremony, we went to Fertelli's Italian Restaurant.  Old fashioned Italian.  Wonderful foor...great company!!'

Wild fires surround us and the air quality has gone from decent to poor!  Not good for those with asthma or any respiration shortcomings.   I have been having difficulty with breathing so my exercise hiatus continues.  Sigh!!!  At this rate, I am concerned!!

My Russian Olive tree started blooming.  So fragrant and so beautiful.  A smell similar to honeysuckle.

Our Purple Robe (flowering locust) continues to take my breath away.  It is so luscious!!

Been working on my smaller collages this past week.  Will show pics on Thursday!!

Dr. John has started Book Number Two!!  Woot!!  Woot!!  The first book has almost sold out on Amazon and they are reordering!  That is so cool!! 

While in Gallup, NM. we stayed at the LaQuinta hotel.  They gave us an upgrade!  Wowzers!!  A two room suite!!  It was so spacious and comfy.  What a treat!  I told Dr. John that this was the nicest room we have ever had here.  Then the people moved into the room above us.  With two toddlers and no discipline.  They ran around the room and jumped off the beds.  It was a nightmare!!  We had to call the front desk and complain!  Can you say...AWFUL!!!!  Thankfully, they moved out the very next day!  Whew!!  One night of quiet!!

My oldest granddaughter, Lisa, also lives in Gallup.  She is renting a spacious house and we got to visit her and check it out.  A really cool place.  Came furnished and has a washer and dryer!  Emma will be moving in to the house in two weeks.  They will be batching it together.  Emma is now working at Home Depot and will be attending Cosmetology School in the fall.   Lisa is a teaching assistant and will be finishing her teaching degree in about one year!  I am so proud of them both!!

It is only May and I am already tired of the political ads!!  Just saying....!!!

Ended up getting a new washer and dryer!! Sigh!  Not my red ones but plain old loading..basic machines!  Sigh again!!  But Dr. John has promised me the red ones when we move to Las Cruces in three years!  Woot!!  Oh!  I got Maytag.   Boring!!! But they work great so I am happy.  No more carrying soaking wet clothes out to the line to dry!  Whew!!

Well, that is the end of my Randomizing for this week.  I think I have covered it all!!  Don't forget to visit with Stacy at Stacy Uncorked and see what the other Randomizers are\ up too!!  It is always fun and totally entertaining.  Better yet...join in and do your own Random post!!!!

Have a magical and blessed day.
Hugging you


The Artful Diva said...

Congratulations to Emma!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Awwww! Congrats to your granddaughter! :)

Love all the blooming... :)

Sounds like yet another fun trip - you are my hero with how busy, yet how much fun, you always have! :)

I'm right there with you on already being tired of the political ads...

Glad you finally got a new washer and dryer, even if they weren't *the* ones you wanted...and you only have to wait three years to get *the* ones, so that's cool! :)

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Brian Miller said...

wow congrats all around....first on graduating, that is very cool...and a lovely young lady you have there...second for the good doc and the sales of his book that is awesome! i am tuning out political ads at this point, one of the blessings of DVR...smiles.