Thursday, May 17, 2012

Work in Progress....Craft Day Too!!!


I didn't really spend a lot of time with the large collage this past week.  Have been working outside on that project....the garden!!!  Smiles!! 

Here is where I am with the large collage...

Craft day, however, has been more productive.  Every Tuesday, my BFF and her mom, Louise, decided we would get together and work on pieces for the upcoming art/craft show in November.  So besides being tons of fun, we are actually getting some work done. 

Louise, by the way, is 98 years young!!! 

Cheri is working on a belt buckle in copper and brass.  Louise is working on making necklaces and I am working on small, 12" x 12", collages.

Louise and her pieces...

Louise decided on which beads to use

starting layout

first necklace laid out

second necklace

She ended up making two necklaces but I didn't get pics of those.  She finished after I left.  Doesn't she look fantastic.  For those who think that 60 is old....HA!!!  She encourages all of us!!

Cheri's belt buckle...

copper plate unpolished

backside with belt loop and hook attached

copper plate acid washed with decorations, unpolished

All she needs to do is attach some turquoise and clean it up and she is done.  Butch...don't look!!!  Ha!!  Beautiful isn't it??

I worked on one collage and then started a second one....

cadmium yellow primrose golden acrylic
cobalt titanate green golden acrylic

turquoise seed beads 11mm

batiked fabric and multi-colored trim and wooden clock face

stencil used to get design on the sky

yellow seed beads 11mm and jeweled gems and bird - steampunk

chartreuse beads and jeweled butterfly and art nouveau print


dylusions stencil, decorative paper in blues, halo violet gold lumiere paint, blue and black seed beads 11mm

As you can see we are having a blast!  There is just something so satisfying working with other artists.  Fun times!!  And productive!!

Have a creative and imaginative day!
Hugging you

PS.  All seed beads purchased at bead show in Tucson, Az.  Paints, decorative papers and stencils purchased at, (link on sidebar).


Queenie Jeannie said...

All kinds of fabulousness goin' on at your house! Bravo!!! I always tell Thomas that it's a good thing I got into stamping rather than beadwork or he'd REALLY be broke, lol!

Diandra said...

As always, I love your work. You are so talented!

Suldog said...

I so admire you folks who create art from, basically, nothing other than an idea. I've never had that facility, really. Sure, I write a song here and there, or write words, but the visual arts are far from my strong suit. And I am amazed by those who seem to do it so effortlessly (I know it's not really effortlessly, but the effect is and that's what I find so fascinating.)

ellen abbott said...

looks like so much fun and great work by all.

Brian Miller said...

oh wow...your collage with the birds and bright colors and the clock in the it!!! beautiful....

and i love the hearts in your sunrise too...smiles...

Friko said...

You are producing some beautiful pieces between you. How wonderful it must be to sit and be creative. And in company, to spark each other off.